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Enroll a Student in a Course

You can manually enroll a student in a course.

Running a load will cause manual modifications to be lost. Instead, choose the Reschedule the selected [x] students option when loading.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page.
  2. Under Resources, choose Students from the PowerScheduler menu.
  3. Select students for scheduling.
  4. Click the name of the student you want to work with from the students menu.
  5. Do one of the following:
        • Choose Schedule.
        • Click the Schedule tab.

    The Schedule page displays the percentage scheduled calculations for the student:

      • % Scheduled - Percentage of requests successfully filled
        Calculated by rounding ((enrolledSlots * 100) / timeSlots)
      • % Core Scheduled - Percentage of requests for core classes successfully filled
        Calculated by rounding ((coreSlots * 100) / coreTimeSlots)
      • % Primary Requests Satisfied - Percentage of primary requests (non-alternate requests) that were successfully filled
        Calculated by rounding ((primeReqSatisfied * 100) / totalRequests)
      • % Total Requests Satisfied - Percentage of total requests including alternate requests that were filled
        Calculated by rounding ((totalReqSatisfied * 100) / totalRequests)

    TimeSlots calculated by
    number_of_terms * number_of_days * number_of_periods
    -- find timeSlots by buildId
    select sterms * dpcycle * ppday as timeSlots
    from scheduleBuilds
    where buildId = <scheduleBuilds.buildId>;

    CoreTimeSlots calculated by
    number_of_terms * number_of_days * number_of_core_periods
    -- find coreTimeslots by buildId
    select sterms * dpcycle * (select count(*) from schedulePeriods where buildId = <scheduleBuilds.buildId> and corePeriod = 1) as coreTimeSlots
    from scheduleBuilds
    where buildId = <scheduleBuilds.buildId>;

    TotalRequests calculated by
    -- find totalRequests by studentId and yearId, excluding any global alternate course
    select count(*) totalRequests
    from scheduleRequests
    where studentId = <>
    and yearid = <4-digit-yearid>
    and globalAlternateCourse = 0;

    Percentage calculated by
    -- get student requests statistics by studentId and buildId
    select totalRequests, enrolledSlots, coreSlots, primeReqSatisfied, totalReqSatisfied
    from studentSchedulingResults
    where buildId = <scheduleBuilds.buildId>
    and studentId = <>;

    To determine which student course requests have yet to be filled, refer to the Unfilled Requests section of the page.

    • Choose from the Enroll menu the period in which you want to enroll this student in a course. For information about the filter options, refer to Filter Manual Schedule Options.
      The page displays the following information:




      The course and section number.

      Course Name

      The course name. Click a course name to automatically add it to the student's schedule.


      The period and day combination.


      The selected term.


      The teacher's name.


      The grade level.

      Credit Type

      The credit type, such as Math.

      Cr Hrs

      The number of credit hours earned by taking this course.


      The number of students currently enrolled in this course during the selected period.

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