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Enable Student/Parent Access for Schoolnet

Once Schoolnet single sign-on is configured and enabled, you can then enable Schoolnet at the student/parent level, which allows students/parents to launch Schoolnet from within the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal.

  1. Navigate to the Schoolnet Settings page. 
  2. Choose Schoolnet Student Access Settings
  3. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Enable Student Access

    Select the checkbox to enable Schoolnet access for this district. Selecting the checkbox activates the school checkboxes.

    Alternatively, deselect the checkbox to disable Schoolnet access for this district. Deselecting the checkboxes deactivates the school checkboxes.

    Selected schools are retained when Schoolnet access is disabled. If Schoolnet access is re-enabled, the previously selected schools are also re-enabled.

    All Schools

    Select the checkbox to enable Schoolnet access for all schools in the district.


    Select the checkbox of each school for which you want to enable Schoolnet access.

  4. Click Submit
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