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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version is available as of 5/8/2022.

New Feature

Product Area


Admin – Signed Plugins

To enable future enhancements, starting with Enrollment Express/Ecollect Forms release, all five product plugins are now signed plugins:

  • Ecollect-Payment – pay_plugin

  • Ecollect-Platform – eco_plugin

  • Ecollect-PreReg – prereg_plugin

  • Enrollment Express – eex_plugin

  • Subscription-Manager – sm_plugin

Previously, the only signed plugins were:

  • Ecollect-PreReg – prereg_plugin

  • Ecollect-Payment – pay_plugin

For customers who are installing or upgrading to, Powerschool Services and Support will coordinate with them to gather the following API credentials:

  • Client ID, Client Secret, SIS URL


Product Area


Admin – Token Use

Tokens are no longer needed for the installation or upgrade process.

  • The Ecollect Installation/Upgrade dialog on the Subscription Manager page no longer prompts the user for a valid access token.

  • The system now checks the customer license expiration date to validate active customers.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Admin – Form Builder

When two checkbox elements were mapped to the same PowerSchool field and one was visible based on workflow mapping and the other was hidden, the hidden checkbox value overrode the original value upon form submission. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Non-Responders Report

On the Form Reports page, when the admin generated a report using Data Source option "Current Selection Nonresponders" and included PowerSchool fields, the PowerSchool SIS fields loaded inconsistently on the report. This issue was resolved.


Admin – SIS Pre-Registration Form

The Custom Style Sheets (CSS) content did not render in public-facing pre-registration forms. This issue was resolved. However, on Apple devices with iOS version 13.3 or lower, custom CSS is not rendered. This does not affect form submissions, and the base CSS renders as expected. On devices with an iOS version above 13.3, up to the latest version 15.5, the forms are rendered as expected, along with custom CSS.


Admin – SIS Pre-Registration Report

When districts with more than 100 schools tried to access the SIS Pre-Registration report, the report did not load. This issue was resolved. The report now works for districts with up to 500 schools.


Teacher – Form Data

Teacher form responses showed a discrepancy in data when compared to SIS data. This issue was resolved.


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