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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

Resolved Issues

Product Area

Issue Description

Admin - Approving Contacts

When reviewing a Contacts form pending approval, changes to contacts were not indicated to the admin. 

Admin - Category Completion Report

When viewing a Category Completion report for a Teacher form, the report was not visible at the school level. 

Admin - Localized Responses

If a form had a field with translated choices and the parent submitted the form in a language other than English, the Response report would display the response in the language completed by the parent instead of English. 

Parent - Auto-Complete Data Set

When completing a form that had an auto-complete data set, sometimes the database value was displayed instead of the display value. 

Parent - Completing Form with Contacts

The Contacts element did not enforce required validation on contact relationships if the contact was already associated with the student. 

Teacher - Completing Forms

If a Teacher form was shared with the district office, teachers in the district office could not see the form. 

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