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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version is available as of 1/21/2022.


Product Area


Admin – Form Builder

Previously, the Element ID was not readily visible in the Form Builder for admin users, making it difficult to memorize and use the ID. Now, the element ID appears above the element name in the Form Builder, where it can be viewed and copied.

Admin – Form Reports – Edit Pending Responses

A new checkbox labeled “Edit Pending Responses” is included in the Form Builder. When enabled, administrators can edit pending responses and proceed with approval. The form continues to appear as submitted by the responder (parent), and edits are made to the existing response record rather than creating a new one.

Admins can edit responses for all fields except the Event Calendar. Static and read-only field elements such as Section Break, Text Block, Side-By-Side Container, Hidden Text, PowerSchool Tag, and Response List cannot be edited.

This new feature works with the existing approval chain functionality. Admins see the latest changes on the pending response made by other admins.

This feature is not applicable to individual teacher and student forms.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Admin – Event Calendar – Lost Buffer Options

When adding an event calendar with the Repeat Until Time option, the Buffer Between Events field was not visible. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Form Approval – Unable to Update Checkboxes

When an admin approved a form submission, fields based on checkbox elements were either not updated or incorrectly displayed a yellow flag on the Form Report grid. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Response Reports – Issue With Underscores in Form Element Title

Response reports failed to add columns for form elements containing underscore characters in the title. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Share Permissions

When an admin viewed student forms that were shared based on Filter Students by PowerSchool Fields, forms outside the filter criteria were included in the list. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Sorting Columns

When an admin sorted the response report, tooltips were lost when moving the pointer over a flagged response. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Unable to Approve

When an admin attempted to approve existing pending records, a warning about unsuccessful records hindered the approval. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Unable to See Payment Configuration - Integrate with SIS Fees

When an admin selected the Enable Payment option under Payment Configuration, the Integrate with SIS option did not appear. This issue was resolved.


Parent – Form Page Loading Issue

When parents clicked the Forms link inside the Parent Portal, they were redirected to the home page instead of the Forms List page. This issue was resolved.


Parent – Unable to Upload SIS documents

When a parent tried to upload SIS document attachments, the upload sometimes failed due to the incorrect storing of the district ID. This issue was resolved.


Student – Student Header Information

The student header information was inconsistent across form tabs. This issue was resolved.


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