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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express


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Admin - Conditional Notifications Based on Field Responses

You can now define conditional notifications based on values entered into specific fields so that users are only notified of relevant submissions.

Admin - Custom Content on Admin Email Notification

You can now control the email content that is sent to admins on submission notifications.

Admin - Enrollment Forms

If you have both Enrollment Express and Ecollect Forms, the new Enrollment Form option allows you to define whether a newly created form appears in the Enrollment tab.

Admin - Form fields are supported in custom notifications

You can now add form elements to custom Admin email notifications by entering the element ID in the following format: $$ElementID.

Admin - Language Support

You can now translate form content to all languages supported in PowerSchool SIS.

Admin - Order of Columns in Response Report

Admins can now configure the order in which added columns appear on the response report.

Admin - Pre-Registration Submission Emails

Admins now have the option to receive pre-registration submission emails, so they know when to review the Pre-registration Submissions report.

Admin - Resend Enrollment Email

You can now resend the Enrollment email with access credentials through the Pre-registration Submissions report.

Admin - Select All Schools

When sharing a form with schools, you can now share the form with all your schools at once instead of having to manually check them individually.

Admin - Share Edit Permissions

You can now use Admin roles to assign “Edit Form“ permissions for Admin groups so that users who are not the form owner can make changes to the forms.

Parent - Resize Images

Admins now have the option to automatically resize images uploaded by parents through SIS Document Attachment so that they are not bigger than the maximum allowed size. The supported formats are PNG, JPG, and GIF.

Resolved Issues

Product Area


Admin - Document Upload

Resolved an issue where the document upload via Faculty Forms in the Admin Portal was broken. The sign-in button was nonresponsive.

Admin - Sharing Teacher Forms

Teachers were unable to access forms shared with them through PowerSchool SIS fields.

Parent - Pre-registration Entry Date

Depending on your time zone, when selecting your entry year, the entry date set was set to one day prior to the start of the term, blocking approval since it did not fall within the term. This has been resolved.

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