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Change History Records

View a Change History Record

Change History can be viewed on a per-record basis using the Change History link, which appears on PowerSchool SIS pages based on the categories for which Change History is enabled. Click the link to view the Change History Details for that page.

View All Change History Records

When searching for all Change History records, the search results are grouped in batches for all categories except Incidents and Contacts. The results will display approximately 5,000 rows grouped in batches that you can view using the batch navigation buttons on the page. 

  1. Navigate to the Change History Records page.

  2. Choose the category for which you want to view change history records.

  3. Enter the date range for which you want to search for change history records. For the Attendance category, the date range cannot exceed 7 days. For all other categories, the date range cannot exceed 31 days.

  4. Click Search

  5. To narrow the list of change history records, use the filter.
  6. To select records, select the header row to select all records or select each record.
  7. To view change history details for a specific record, click View.
  8. To perform data analysis outside of the PowerSchool SIS, select the students you want to download, click Download Change History, and then choose a file format.
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