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Centris Sync

Integration between IEP Direct with PowerSchool is available through the use of Centris Sync. By enabling Centris Sync, you can automatically feed data from PowerSchool to IEP Direct, which provides the ability to post the most current student and guardian demographic data to IEP Direct on a nightly basis.

Using AutoSend, once a day at a specified time, PowerSchool can generate a file that contains a set of objects for each student in the database. This file can be stored in a designated directory where it is retrieved and then removed by the Centris Sync Agent. 

Centris Sync Setup

Enable Centris Sync

  1. Navigate to the Centris Group and Geocode Parameters page.
  2. In the Centris Group section, select the Centris Group - IEP Viewer Enabled checkbox.
  3. Click Submit

Configure Centris Sync

Use the Centris Sync – SIS Data Integration page to configure PowerSchool to automatically feed data from PowerSchool to IEP Direct using Centris Sync.

  1. Navigate to the Centris Sync SIS Data Integration page.
  2. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    District ID

    Enter the District ID provided by Centris.

    District BEDS Code

    Enter the District BEDS code provided by the BOCES/RIC. The BEDS Code is the district's BEDS identifier.

  3. Click Submit.
  4. Restart PowerSchool. This is required the first time only. Once Centris Sync is enabled, it may be changed without a restart.
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