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Security Permissions

In PowerSchool, system users are considered staff members. All PowerSchool system users must be added as staff members before you can assign security permissions. When adding new staff members, you can assign permissions, as needed. Additionally, you can assign permissions by user group or set permissions at the page level. For more information about assigning permissions by user group, see Group Security Permission.

When user permissions are enabled for ReportWorks, the user account is shared. Therefore, the username and password are the same for the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal and Report Works. Due to the shared account, the PowerTeacher Administrator and ReportWorks applications cannot run simultaneously. Be sure to set appropriate PowerSchool group and page permissions for these users. For more information, see Edit a Staff Member Security Settings and Set Page-Level Permissions.

To set up new system users, see Add New Staff Members. To edit or delete an existing system user account, see Edit Staff Member Security Settings.

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