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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version is available as of 4/17/2022.


Product AreaDescription

Parent/Teacher – Active Primary Tab

The Default/Active tab now follows the Tabs configuration settings. The tab at the top of the Sort Order sequence is the default tab in the Parent, Teacher, and Admin portals. If the sort order number is the same for multiple tabs, the tabs are ordered alphabetically.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference

Admin – Edit Responses Before Approval

When the form configuration setting “Restrict to Submit Once” was enabled, the admin was unable to edit the response before approving it. This issue is now resolved.


Admin – Notifications

The District, School, and Field level Notifications Email field only accepted 100 characters and truncated additional characters from the database. This issue is resolved.


Admin – SIS Pre-Registration Report

The student detail fields on the SIS Pre-registration Submissions report contained formatting errors. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Update and Submit Contacts via Admin Portal

Administrators were unable to submit contacts in the Admin portal and view the changes. This issue was resolved.


Admin/Parent – SIS Pre-Registration Resend Email Access Credentials

The Resend Email feature—used to resend access credentials to parents for SIS pre-registration submissions—sent inaccurate access credentials to parents. This issue is resolved for submissions that are approved after the release of version

For customers who need to resend access credentials for submissions approved prior to the update, refer to the methods outlined in the Knowledge Base article posted in PowerSchool Community. 


Admin/Parent – Tab Configuration

When the General Forms tab was disabled, general forms still appeared in the Parent portal. This issue was resolved.


Parent – SIS Pre-Registration Access Credentials

When a student’s name contained special characters or accents, the Enrollment email sent to the parent had an invalid access ID and a garbled student name. This issue was resolved.


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