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Attendance Tracking and Notification

Attendance Tracking and Notification can be used in combination with the basic PowerSchool attendance setup. The additional setup elements allow for tracking of truant attendance using a combination of thresholds and triggers. Each time a student meets or exceeds a specific threshold, a notification record is created in the PowerSchool database. The notification records can be used to print attendance letters for students with truant attendance.

For example, you may set up your school to track unexcused absences. Using basic PowerSchool attendance, you can report the total number of unexcused absences for a student for particular period of time. Using attendance tracking, you can report when the student reaches a defined number of unexcused absences (thresholds) for multiple instances (triggers). In this example, you may track the first time the student reaches five unexcused absences, as well as the second time (ten absences) and third time (fifteen absences).

Remote Attendance

All calculations for Attendance Tracking and Notification will consider attendance for classes taken at a remote school. Rules regarding remote attendance:

  • Both schools must record attendance in either Meeting-Period-To-Day (MPTD) or Meeting-Time-To-Day (MTTD).
  • Both schools must be set up to use ATN.
  • All calculations are based on the attendance settings defined at the students 'home' school regardless of the settings defined at the remote school.

For example, school A is the student's 'home' school and ATN is configured to use Meeting – Period to Day (MPTD). All calculations for this student would be based on the attendance conversion set up for Period attendance at School A.

State Reporting

Refer to your state- or provincial-specific help for additional information on attendance tracking and notification setup.

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