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PowerSchool SIS

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PowerSchool SIS version is available as of December 21, 2021. When the installers are available for download, an announcement will be posted on PowerSchool SIS Release Notification on PowerSchool Community. 

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product AreaDescriptionLearn More
Academic and Career PlanAdmins can now set a required minimum GPA for Academic and Career Plan programs on a per-program basis.Academic and Career Plan
Enrollment SummaryThis report now includes a breakdown of all genders defined in the Gender code set when clicking on the student total links.Enrollment Reports
Graduation Planner

Multiple updates to the Graduation Planner, including:

  • The ability to configure a Graduation Plan that requires completing an Academic and Career Plan. Users may incorporate these program requirements within a Graduation Plan, and the program requirements may be added to the logic engine, customized, and combined with other requirement types.
  • The ability to configure a Graduation Plan with a required minimum GPA that is calculated using either
    • All courses that a student has taken, or
    • Only those courses that were applied to the Graduation Plan.
Graduation Plan
Support for Windows 2019 (Application Server)

Application servers on PowerSchool SIS are now certified for Windows Server 2019.

Currently, only the Application Server has been certified on Windows Server 2019 with PowerSchool SIS version or higher. The database server has not yet been certified on Windows 2019 and can only be installed on Windows 2012 or 2016. Please refer to the System Requirements for additional details.

System Requirements

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference
Apache Log4jA vulnerability in the Apache Log4j framework, CVE-2021-44228, was recently announced, as well as a proof-of-concept exploit code. The open-source project has patched the vulnerability, and this release of PowerSchool includes the upgraded Log4j libraries to eliminate the vulnerability. PSF-58463
Asset TrackingUsers with the No Access group permission level,  but having page permissions set to Full for the student asset tracking page, could not use the assign/return feature in the student asset tracking functionality. PSF-54650
Collapsible Page ElementsWhen clicking on the arrow or area around the title, collapsable page elements in PowerTeacher Pro and PowerTeacher Pro setup screens may not open. To access these elements, the user should click directly on the title text to expand.PSF-56923
ContactUpdates to this page now indicate when an account is locked due to multiple invalid login attempts, similar to the Student and Staff pages.PSF-43394

When a Contact's Web Account Access User Name is the same as Parent Access ID, an error message will appear while creating a new contact or updating an existing contact.

Data Export ManagerWhen navigating to Data Export Manager in PowerSchool version 21.11.0, the Collapse All and Expand All buttons no longer worked.


Data Export ManagerWhen managing a user access role's Export/Edit permissions, changing an extension data source's permission from Use Defaults causes it to display its Data Source Name as its Parent Name.  PSF-54302
Data Export ManagerWhen attempting to export Health Concerns for all students using DEM, an error would appear.PSF-53204
Data Import ManagerWhen importing data into a One-to-Many or Standalone Database Extension table with all fields defined and only the ID populated in Data Import Manager, the record would not delete due to a Data Validation required field and an error appeared.PSF-56886
Fees TransactionsWhen entering a fee for a student on the fee transaction page and then selecting the next student, the user was directed to the enter new fee page. If a district only had one fee, the page did not load the fee type for data entry resulting in the next fee entered having no fee type.PSF-56862
HealthAccess permission to the staff list for medication doses and inventory was incorrectly associated with access permission to the Health Contact Log page. That permission has been corrected to now follow the permissions to access the Health Medication page.PSF-54602
Health ManagementWhen adding immunization records for a student, the count Health - Immunization tab did not display the dose totals correctly.  PSF-54508
Health ManagementWhen users had read-only page permission on the home page, they were not able to create a health monitoring schedule from the student health page. The permission issue is fixed by mapping it to the health monitoring page.PSF-54402
PowerSchool MobileIn some cases, push notifications may not have been sent after upgrading to
PowerSchedulerWhen the Request - Screen Setup had values less than 1 credit in the Minimum and Maximum fields for the Number of credit hours, the class registration would display an error.PSF-50417
PowerSchool - Teacher PortalCo-teachers continued to have access to a class in PowerSchool SIS Teacher beyond the class end date. PSF-45954
PowerSchool Teacher - ReportsWhen a Class Attendance Audit Report was run for a class with an expression that did not contain an A Day, the report would produce output for the wrong class.PSF-15602
PowerSchool Teacher - Seating ChartsWhen teachers accessed the seating chart to take attendance the page would load immediately, but the "Loading Seating Chart" progress indicator appeared unresponsive for 15 seconds.PSF-55198
PowerTeacher Pro - Various PagesWhen using a browser's print screen functionality, student names are no longer cut off.PSF-46282
Record AttendanceWhen a Section's Record Attendance value is set to Once for All Meetings, the Report Card absence or tardy counts for a class may be larger than expected in some cases.PSF-56969
ReportWorksOffice Visit type codes would not show up as the runtime control parameter in ReportWorks developer due to an issue with the PowerPack migration.PSF-48372
SchoologyWhen teachers attempted to access the Schoology Attendance module using Chrome on a macOS device with Catalina or higher, and a default seating chart did not exist, the attendance module did not load.PSF-56835
Special Functions

When running the Search By Grades/Attendance function and selecting Scan for this final grade percentage with a value of less than 50, the results would include students with no PGFinalGraded records.

When doing a search using Current Grades the report would ignore the defined Store code/Final grade value and instead use the Current Grade Display value. The search now honors the defined Store code/Final grade added.


Removed Features/Future Deprecation

PowerTeacher Gradebook

PowerTeacher Gradebook will be removed from PowerSchool SIS with the Back-to-School release (Spring 2022). To ensure that teachers can start using the more advanced features in PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook when you update PowerSchool SIS, make a plan to transition to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook by the beginning of the 2022-2023 School Year.

Moving to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS is comprised of several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being misconfigured. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook








State Reporting

Report SDK
Amazon Corretto Java1.8u3021.8u302
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