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PowerSchool SIS

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PowerSchool SIS version is available as of November 24, 2021. When the installers are available for download, an announcement will be posted on PowerSchool SIS Release Notification on PowerSchool Community. 

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product AreaDescriptionLearn More
PowerSchool Branding 

Starting with this release, PowerSchool SIS will begin to leverage external resources, such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. PowerSchool SIS will initially use a CDN to access certain user interface (UI) elements, such as the header bar styling, icons, and colors used at the top of the page. Future PowerSchool SIS versions may access other cloud-based services.

What this means for customers:

  • Certain aspects of the user interface (UI), such as the header bar styling and colors, will be uniform across all PowerSchool Products.
  • End-user browsers will load some content from, which is PowerSchool's Content Delivery Network (CDN) server.
    • Note: Navigating directly to this site will result in a 404 error and is expected.
  • The user interface may not completely load for end users without internet access, such as self-hosted customers accessing a local SIS instance during an internet outage.
  • Users who customize this part of the system may require an update.

Customers on PowerSchool SIS can expect to find a new gradient background on the top header bar in the PowerSchool Admin and Teacher portals automatically between mid-December and early January, with a target date of December 10th.

Academic and Career Planer 

Multiple improvements to the Academic and Career Planner:

  • The Career Tech pages have been renamed Academic and Career Planner, or ACP, throughout the application. This naming better reflects how the course pathways are used in PowerSchool SIS.
  • The Program Code field has been renamed to CIP Code or Program Code and now accepts 10 characters. 
  • Administrators can now configure the Academic and Career Planner to assign local schools to a created locality.
  • Administrators can now assign pathways of courses to an Academic and Career Plan.
Academic and Career Plan

Several enhancements have been made to improve accessibility within the PowerSchool Admin portal, including additional support for the following:

  • Screen Readers: Ensuring a screen reader can properly annotate a page for those requiring sight-assistance
  • Keyboard Navigation: When using the keyboard to navigate a page, the tab button can access each and every element on the page.
  • Color Contrast: Contrast ratios correction done to assist low vision users.

Full-Time EquivalencyWhen a school has years and terms that span the full school year (ex.: 7/1/2020 - 6/30/2021) and a student is transferred out on the first day of school, the Full-Time Equivalency would default to the previous year's values. If the student's entry date equals their exit date, this field would no longer display the previous school year values.Full-Time Equivalencies

Additional functionality is now available for easy search of student medication. Administrators can:

  • Search medications by category (example: Category 'Fever' will only show fever-related medication list).
  • Search using type-ahead/contains features.
Health Management Work with Students
PowerSchool SIS/Naviance IntegrationNaviance users can now access a plugin to enable Naviance student sync, named Naviance. This plugin is not live until an admin enables it. Additionally, an admin can configure the SIS as an IdP for Naviance SSO and AppSwitcher to work with Naviance. 

Integration Overview

Naviance Reference Guide

PowerSchool Admin - Success PagesWhen an action is completed on a page, a success banner will replace independent success pages. This currently only applies to pages within framesets. 
PowerSchool Portals - SecurityUsername and Password fields have been updated to disable autocomplete, spellcheck, autocorrect, and auto-capitalize, where not already present, as part of the OWASP recommendation.
PowerSchool System - Java The server-side version of Java has been updated from 8u262 to 8u302.
PowerSchool System - Oracle Oracle 19c is now the minimum requirement for PowerSchool SIS or higher.Hardware and Software Requirements for PowerSchool 21.x
PowerSchool System - Tomcat The Apache Tomcat version has been updated from 7.0.103 to 8.5.
Universal RosteringThe OneRoster /classes endpoint now includes grades.Universal Rostering
PowerTeacher Pro - Course-Level Traditional Grade Calculation Formulas

Administrators can assign a traditional grade calculation formula to a course, allowing for consistent calculations across sections of the same course across a district.

Course-Level Traditional Grade Calculation Formulas
PowerTeacher Pro - Standards ScoresheetTeachers are now able to filter assignments on the Standards Scoresheet, allowing teachers to hone the page to specific categories or due dates for analysis.Standards Scoresheet
PowerTeacher Pro -  Missing Assignment ReportTeachers can now include assignments with a score of zero on the missing assignment report.Missing Assignment Report
PowerTeacher Pro - SettingsTeachers can now set a PowerTeacher Pro starting page other than the Assignment List. In PowerTeacher Pro choose Settings, then Display Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a Custom Starting Page, regardless of browser or device.Custom Starting Page
PowerTeacher Pro - Transfer ScoresTeachers can now review the score type and assignment points for each assignment available on Transfer Score, allowing teachers to understand the weight of each assignment.Transfer Scores

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference
PowerScheduler Admin - ConstraintsWhen Student Preference Constraints were used and Allow Student Repeats in Different Terms was selected for some classes, the preference constraints were not being followed. PSF-29852
PowerSchool Admin - AttendanceUpdating attendance comments outside of the original school is not supported. When attempting to update attendance comments at the District Office the expected error did not occur, causing users to believe they may have successfully edited the attendance comments.PSF-54352
PowerSchool Admin - AttendanceIn some cases, the changes made in still did not allow the process to finish in a timely manner. Additional performance improvements have been made.PSF-54256
PowerSchool Admin - District SetupWhen the Scale Used in GPA and Course Credit was deselected in Academic Grade Scale: Special Codes Scale, the Grad Credits options were still selected but not visible in the table.PSF-53346
PowerSchool Admin - District SetupThe Entry Codes and Exit Codes allowed the creation of blank records which allowed duplicate values. Validation is now in place to ensure that there are no blank codes.PSF-15593
PowerSchool Admin - ExportWhen exporting a template configured for CSV, field values with a comma (",") had the comma replaced with a double space (" ") even if the Surround Fields option was enabled.PSF-50926
PowerSchool Admin - Graduation PlanWhen a requirement group has multiple items needed to earn it, the requirement group displayed the order of the requirements differently in the graduation requirement set up and in the student's graduation plan progress. The evaluation order appeared to be the reverse of what was configured.PSF-54891
PowerSchool Admin - Graduation PlanWhen a requirement group does not have any direct requirements such as a test requirement, the misleading message Requirement Satisfied was displayed. It now will not display any message in that scenario.PSF-54885
PowerSchool Admin - HealthThe Provider field in Add Office Visit has increased from 30 to 135 characters to help avoid errors when concatenating the user's First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name information into this field. PSF-15528
PowerSchool Admin - HealthWhen students had existing Health Screening records with missing grade levels, the screenings dropdown no longer functioned. Customers will now be able to add Health Screenings with this scenario. PSSR-276322
PowerSchool Admin - Object ReportsWhen selecting a localized language other than English as the runtime option in an Object Report, the Localization was not being applied when using the *contact_info DAT.PSF-54147
PowerSchool Admin - PowerSource SSOThe following plugins have been removed as part of this release:
  • Training Videos Banner
  • PowerSource Single Sign-on
  • PowerSource Single Sign-on for Admin

As PowerSchool continues to move to the PowerSchool Community for Knowledge Base articles and forums the linking to PowerSource can cause confusion to users that get redirected to multiple sites. Due to this, the plugin is being removed.
PowerSchool Admin - PreferencesWhen going to Attendance Preference using a Firefox browser, an error briefly appeared. Some users also experienced slowness when loading the Attendance Preference and Attendance under Functions.PSF-52211
PowerSchool Admin - Schedule CommitWhen a commit was already running, it was possible to commit a schedule for a school a second time. A new error message will indicate a commit for the school is currently occurring.PSF-51629
PowerSchool Admin - SecurityWhen parents or students encountered an error, it contained technical details causing further confusion. Technical details have been removed from the error messaging.PSF-51732
PowerSchool Admin - StabilityIn some cases, the Enrollment Summary report could cause stability issues.PSF-55435
PowerSchool Admin - StabilityWhen running in an array, semaphores such as attendance and scheduling may not be correctly cleared.PSF-55181
PowerSchool Admin - Start PageWhen performing searches starting with S and U, the autocomplete may appear to become unresponsive. This issue is dependent on the number of State and User custom fields. Performance has been improved by limiting the number of fields returned in the autocomplete results.PSF-55727
PowerSchool Admin - Start PageWhen using the Advanced Search function on the Start Page, students were not added, subtracted, or set from the current selection as expected.PSF-53750
PowerSchool Admin - SystemA change was made to prevent the use of drive letters in the path field when adding or editing an AutoComm, Autosend, or Data Export Manager record. Using a drive letter in the path will result in an error.PSF-54445
PowerSchool Admin - SystemPowerSchool SIS (OLTP) may use more CPU than expected impacting performance in some cases.PSF-57025
PowerSchool Admin - System AdministratorWhen disabling the OIDS plugin, the Admin URL would redirect to the Identity Provider Login page instead of the traditional login page.


PowerSchool Admin - System ReportsWhen a user attempted to delete Scheduled ReportWorks or State Reporting Reports they would receive an error, but the report continued to run at the scheduled time.PSF-54566
PowerSchool Administrator - Traditional Grade CalculationWhen an administrator attempted to delete a section that includes section-specific standards weighting created by a teacher for the traditional grade calculation, the delete would fail. PSF-53844
PowerSchool Teacher - Seating ChartWhen a Lead Teacher made a custom Seating Chart and combined it with other Sections, the Co-Teacher who did not have access to one or more of the other Sections would get an HTTP 500 error in PowerTeacher when trying to access the Seating Chart.PSF-55119
PowerTeacher - Gradebook

When a teacher installed PowerTeacher Gradebook the installer was missing a file, preventing the application to launch.

Reminder: PowerTeacher Gradebook will be removed from PowerSchool SIS with the Back-to-School release (Spring 2022)

PowerTeacher Pro  - Recalculate Final GradesWhen a user cleared Calculate Overall Class Grades on a Traditional Grade Calculation Formula, it would not clear out the calculated grades.PSF-16062
PowerTeacher Pro  - Standards Grade CalculationsWhen an administrator reviewed a teacher's PowerTeacher Pro gradebook, the Standards Grade Calculations page would not display the teacher's chosen calculation selections. PSF-20598

Known Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference
PowerSchool - Admin

The following link names under Page and Data Management have changed: 

  • Data Import Manager: Import Data
  • Data Import Queue: Import Queue
  • Templates for Importing: Import Templates
  • Data Export Manager: Export Data 
  • Templates for Exporting: Export Templates 
PowerTeacher Pro - Collapsible Page ElementsCollapsible page elements in PowerTeacher Pro and PowerTeacher Pro setup pages may not expand when a user clicks on the arrow or area surrounding the title. The user should click directly on the title text to expand these elements.PSF-56923

Removed Features/Future Deprecation

PowerTeacher Gradebook

PowerTeacher Gradebook will be removed from PowerSchool SIS with the Back-to-School release (Spring 2022). To ensure that teachers can start using the more advanced features in PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook when you update PowerSchool SIS, make a plan to transition to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook by the beginning of the 2022-2023 School Year.

Moving to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS is comprised of several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being misconfigured. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook





Oracle or 19c


State Reporting

Report SDK
Amazon Corretto Java1.8u2621.8u302
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