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Master Schedule Reports

Before building your master schedule, use the pre-build reports to determine that the scenario information is correct and view how student course requests will affect your schedule for the next school year. For example, run the Course Request Tally report if there are more requests than you originally planned for a particular course. You can then adjust the section count before building. For pre-build reports, see Prepare to Build the Master Schedule Reports.

You can also view reports to display which teachers are assigned to which courses and print a teacher assignments list. The teacher reports only display the names of teachers who are already assigned to courses.

After you build a master schedule, use the post-build reports to help you correct any errors in your data, such as non-scheduled course requests, non-scheduled student requests, and under-scheduled students. You can also use these reports to view your room utilization, a list of student schedules, and your new master schedule. For post-build reports, see Build the Master Schedule Reports.

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