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Map Workflows

Use workflow mapping to create intelligent forms that show the user fields and information based on their previous selections. For example, PowerSchool has three sets of contact fields available per student. You can either display all fieldsets on the form or ask the user how many they want to fill out (1, 2, or 3) and display only that number of fieldsets. As a result, a complex form becomes shorter and easier to read.

Workflow mapping also allows you to display different elements given specific selections. For example, your form might ask the parent how they will transport their child to school. If they answer Parent pickup/drop-off, that can trigger a field to appear for Alternative Driver to designate who can pick the child up when the parents are unavailable. Alternatively, if they select School Bus, you can present a drop-down list from where they can choose the nearest bus stop.

To add a workflow to a form element:

  1. From the Start Page, select Forms in the Applications section.
  2. On the My Forms tab, click the Edit Form icon on the form record to launch the Form Editor.
  3. Choose the element that will become visible based on another element’s value.
  4. In the Properties window, select the Workflow Mapping checkbox in the Options section.
  5. Click the Select Workflow Element icon.
    • Most of the screen will be grayed out, except for elements that are eligible to be a determinant element.
    • If the element you want is not available, try saving the form first and try again.
  6. Select the dependent element.
    • Once you link the determinant element, it should be highlighted in orange when the initial element is selected.
  7. Enter the Value for Visibility.
    • This is the value of the determinant element that will trigger this element to appear.
    • The value can be set to multiple possible values using the pipe character (|). For example, you can trigger the appearance of the dependent element for grades 1 through 4 with the value 1|2|3|4.
    • If the determinant element has choices with separate text and hidden values, the Value for Visibility must be set to the hidden value, not the visible text.
    • If the dependent element is a single-line text element, you can trigger the workflow with a specific Value for Visibility.
    • If you wish that any entry activates it, enter [^]+
  8. If needed, add more dependent elements and set the Value for Visibility.
  9. Click Save Form.
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