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The Dashboard, accessible at both the district and school level, provides you with an instant view of a broad range of data in a concise, graphical format. Each chart, or widget, can be added or removed to customize the data that appears on your Dashboard. Depending on your system configuration and how you sign in to PowerSchool, two or three tabs appear on the page.



At RiskIf enabled, displays the At Risk Dashboard.


Displays server information widgets.


Displays school information widgets. This tab appears if signed in to PowerSchool at the school level.


Displays district information widget. This tab appears if signed in to PowerSchool at the district level.

Add Widgets to the Dashboard

  1. On the start page, choose Dashboard under Functions in the main menu. By default, all of the available widgets display on the Dashboard.
  2. Choose the Widget you want to add and click Add Widget
    The following widgets are available on the Server Dashboard:



    Server Processes Status

    Displays server uptime, PowerSchool uptime, and status of the Task Server, Web Server, Communication Server, and Log Process.

    Average Server Sign Ins

    Displays the average number of server log-ins per hour.

    Server Report Queue Jobs

    Displays the current report queue status, the number of report processes, result file location, and a bar chart indicating the current, pending, canceled, and completed report queue jobs.

    Server Handlers

    Displays the total number of busy and dormant handlers.

    Server Memory

    Displays amount of installed RAM, virtual memory status, and PowerSchool free memory.

    Server Volume

    Displays information on physical disk space, PowerSchool installed file path, hard disk size, used space, and free space.

    Server Hits

    A pie chart that displays the number of Web requests for the Admin Teacher and Public portals of PowerSchool.

    The following widgets are available on the District Dashboard:



    Active Students Per School

    Displays the total number of active enrollments at each school in the district.

    The following widgets are available on the School Dashboard:



    School Enrollment Trend

    Displays active enrollments for each month of the current school year. The total number includes students who were added and excludes those that were dropped in a given month.

    Note: In order for a student to be included in the count, their enrollment start date must fall within the same yearlong term (as listed in Years and Terms) as the month being counted. Dropped students will be excluded from the total starting the calendar month after they were dropped.

    School Membership Trend

    Displays total membership for each month of the school year, based on days in session and student enrollment.

    Programs Active Enrollments

    Displays the active enrollments in special programs.

    In Session Days

    Displays the number of days school is in session during each month and provides links to the Calendar Setup page.

Remove Widgets from the Dashboard

  1. On the start page, choose Dashboard under Functions in the main menu. 

  2. Click the applicable Dashboard tab (Server, School or District).

  3. Click the X in the upper right corner on the specific widget you want to remove. The widget closes, and the title of the removed widget appears in the pop-up menu located on the Dashboard page. The remaining widgets reorganize on the page.

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