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System Reports

PowerSchool includes a number of preconfigured system reports that allow you to start analyzing data right away. System reports contain information that PowerSchool administrators need most often and include parameters, which you can use to filter and sort the data displayed on these reports.

For details on all system reports, see Attendance Reports, Attendance Count and Audit Reports, Discipline Reports, Grade and Gradebook Reports, Membership Reports, Enrollment Reports, Scheduling, Parent/Student Access Statistics, and Student Listings. You are also encouraged to see the section Custom Reports before creating a report to give you an understanding of the process of creating reports, which will make running reports much easier.

While you can run all reports on individual students, you can also run many for a selected group of students. If a report allows group reporting, first select the group of students. For more information, see Select a Group of Students. Click the PowerSchool logo to return to the start page and begin work on a report. PowerSchool remembers the group and prompts you to select it when you enter the report parameters.

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