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Work with Student Groups

Once you select a group of students, you can manage the group's records. Groups functions are accessible by selecting a group of students, clicking [Select Function], and choosing a function Alternatively, if you have a current selection of students, you can choose Special Functions under Functions in the main menu and then click Groups Functions. Refer to Select a Group of Students or Current Selection for more information.

Student Screens

Using Student Screens, you can access direct links to some of the most frequently requested information and functions for a selected group of students.

  1. On the start page, search for and select a group of students
  2. Click the [Select Function] arrow and choose Student Screens
  3. Choose the page you want to view for the selected students and click Submit.

    Quick LookupDisplays commonly used information, such as the student's schedule, teachers, current grades, and attendance record.
    Allows you to control levels of access for Parent and Student users.
    AddressesProvides street and mailing addresses.
    Demographics ModifyProvides standard information about the selected student.
    Emergency/MedicalProvides emergency contact names and numbers, as well as any medical information.
    Health - ImmunizationsEnter immunization data for a student. 
    Health - ScreeningsEnter screening information for a student.
    Health - Office VisitsView and enter office visit information for a student.
    Health - Grade Level Entry CertificationDefine grade levels that require entry certification.
    Modify InfoDisplays a variety of information about students, much of which is shared with Demographics.
    Other InformationModify a state-specific page to meet your school's specifications.
    ParentsProvides the names, addresses, and phone numbers of parents or guardians.
    PhotoDisplays a picture of the selected student, if available.
    AttendanceTrack students' attendance.
    Enter AttendanceMark or change an attendance record.
    Cumulative InfoDisplays cumulative grades for the currently selected term.
    Graduation ProgressDisplays a compilation of the student's grades and the graduation requirements for your school.
    Historical GradesDisplays your selected student's grades from previous terms.
    StandardsDisplays the student's progress towards meeting the specific standards assigned to each of their classes.
    Term GradesView term grades.
    Test ResultsView comprehensive information about a student's classroom test results.
    TruanciesProvides a quick view of a student's truancies.
    District SpecificProvides select information on students and is set up by the PowerSchool administrator for your district.
    Fee TransactionsView a wide variety of transaction information, including fee record information, transactions associated with a fee, all transactions related to a student for the current school and year, and global balances related to a student for each school and year combination.
    Log EntriesEnter an incident.
    LunchProvides a quick view of a student's lunch status and account balance.
    Lunch TransactionsDisplays the lunch balance and payment activity for the selected student.
    Net AccessTrack the number of times a parent, guardian, or student logs in to PowerSchool.
    SEOP ReviewReview and track Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP) information.
    IncidentsCreate new detailed or quick incidents or search for existing incidents.
    ActivitiesView and manipulate extracurricular activities on two different levels.
    All EnrollmentsView the overall enrollment information.
    FunctionsPerform various important actions to an individual student record.
    Student ProgramsCreate and enroll students into student programs, such as ESL, Speech Pathology, Special Education, or Gifted and Talented.
    Transfer InfoDisplays the student's history of transfers into and out of your school.
    Bell Schedule ViewDisplays the student's schedule for the current week.
    List ViewDisplays the student's schedule for the selected term in a list format.
    Matrix ViewDisplays the student's schedule for the selected term in a graphical format.
    Modify ScheduleModify the student's schedule.
    Manage RequestsMake schedule changes for existing students, or create new schedules for students who enroll at your school during the year.

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