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When to Commit the Master Schedule

When your schedule is as good as it can possibly be, school is no longer in session, and before running the end-of-year process; commit the master schedule.

When you commit a master schedule, it replaces any existing master schedule for that school year.

To ensure that attendance is set up properly, your "live side" school year should be created before committing your schedule in PowerScheduler. Also, when committing a master schedule, course information, including credit hours, is retrieved from the district level in PowerSchool.

Commit the Master Schedule

  1. On the start page, choose PowerScheduler under Applications in the main menu. The Scheduling page appears.
  2. Under Processing, choose Commit. The Commit Master Schedule page appears.
  3. Select which schedules to copy:
    • Sections Only: Select this option to commit only sections.
    • Student Schedules Only: Select this option to commit only student schedules.
    • Sections & Student Schedules: Select this option to commit both sections and student schedules.
  4. Click Submit. The Verify Commit Master Schedule page appears.
  5. Click Submit. The Commit Master Schedule Warnings page displays if there are any conflicts or unavailable courses. If there are no conflicts or unavailable courses, skip to Step 6.
    Note: Only school calendar conflicts are committed as part of the master schedule; unavailable courses are not.
  6. If you are certain you want to commit, click Submit to proceed. The Changes Recorded page appears.
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