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Validate Build Scenarios

Before PowerScheduler builds your master schedule, you must validate the information that was entered. The validation process finds any errors in your data, such as too many sections assigned to a teacher.
The system checks the following:

  • All courses selected as scheduled must be in the rank.
  • All courses assigned to teachers must be in the rank.
  • Each course has a room that will handle its capacity.
  • Student course requests have been dropped if a course is not scheduled.

The validation process also alerts you to potential problems, such as students with no scheduled course requests or a teacher who has more periods assigned than periods available.

Before validating your build scenario, confirm that the build parameters are correct. For more information, see Build Scenario Parameters.

Validate a Scenario

  1. On the start page, choose PowerScheduler under Applications in the main menu.
  2. Under Processing, choose Build from the PowerScheduler menu. 
  3. Select the Validate only checkbox.
  4. Click Submit. The engine starts to run. For more information, see Understand the PowerSchool Scheduler Page.
  5. Make the necessary corrections using the steps described in the section Build Validation. Continue to validate your data until it is error-free.
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