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Share Permissions

You can limit who can view and submit a form.

  1. From the Start Page, select Forms in the Applications section.
  2. On the My Forms tab, click the Edit Form icon on the form record to launch the Form Editor.
  3. Select the form's Title field to display the form properties.
  4. Click the Share Permissions arrow to open the Role Sharing dialog.
  5. Click the School tab to choose which schools a form is published to and what level of access each portal (Parents, Students, Admins, Teachers) has.
    1. Select the schools with which the form should be shared.
    2. Click each portal to cycle through the possible permission options:
      • No access: The form does not appear in the form list on this portal.
      • View Access: The form is available for viewing but is not submittable.
      • Full Access: Users on this portal can edit and submit the form.
      • Admin portal only: This allows you to limit which admin groups have access to the form. Use the Admin tab to give access rights to a subset of Admin portal users.
    3. By default, the same level of access is applied to each school. If different portals need different access depending on which school the student or teacher record is in, select Customize portal settings to set these permissions on a school-by-school basis.
  6. Click the Student or Teacher tab to determine which student or teacher records the form should be available on.
    • All Students/Teachers in Selected Schools: By default, the form will be published to all students and teachers at the selected schools. That can be narrowed down based on a selection of students or by setting a condition based on the value of a PowerSchool field.
    • Existing Selection: If the form was shared with a selection of students or teachers, and you then edit the Share Permissions settings on the form, that selection of students or teachers is the Existing Selection. Click the Link icon to view and search from the list of existing students or teachers.
    • New Selection: Click the Search icon to manually select a set of students or teachers to share the form with and save the form.
    • Filter Students/Teachers by PowerSchool Field: Forms can be shared with selected students or teachers by using this option to filter by PowerSchool field.

      • You can use the following operators in filters: 
      • Multiple filters can be added with an AND operator. For example, PS_Field1 = Value1 AND PS_Field2 = Value2.
  7. Click the Admin tab to determine which users of the Admin portal can view or submit the form.
    1. Only those admin Groups given access can either View or View and Submit a form for a student or teacher.
    2. Select Edit Form to allow admin group users who are not the form owner to make changes to the form.

      Edit mode forms appear within District Forms.
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