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Filter Manual Schedule Options

You can use a filter to narrow available courses when enrolling a student.

Running a load will cause manual modifications to be lost. Instead, choose the Reschedule the selected [x] students option when loading.

  1. On the start page, choose PowerScheduler under Applications in the main menu.
  2. Under Resources, choose Students from the PowerScheduler menu.
  3. Select students for scheduling.
  4. Click the name of the student you want to work with from the Students menu.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Schedule from the pop-up menu.

    • Click the Schedule tab.

  6. Choose from the Enroll pop-up menu the period in which you want to enroll this student in a course.
  7. Select one or more of the following filters on the Available Period Courses page:




    Choose the period from the pop-up menu.


    Choose the term from the pop-up menu.


    Choose the teacher from the pop-up menu.


    Choose the day from the pop-up menu.


    Choose the grade level from the pop-up menu.

    Credit Type

    Choose the credit type, such as MATH, from the pop-up menu.


    To jump to a particular course, enter the course number and press RETURN (Mac) or ENTER (Windows).

    Show only classes with available seats

    Select the checkbox to display only classes that have not reached the maximum enrollment.

    To enroll the student in a course, see Enroll a Student in a Course.
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