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Enroll Transferred Students in Summer School (Direct Enrollment Only)

Students transferred to summer school retain their current grade level and are assigned the default FTE for the school and grade level. The previous school enrollment is moved to the ReEnrollments table in PowerSchool once the summer school enrollment process is complete.

Select and Enroll Transferred Students

  1. On the start page, search for and select the students you wish to re-enroll. This process will make these student enrollments active in summer school. For more information, see Student Search.
  2. Under Enrollment, choose Functions from the student pages menu. 
  3. Click Re-Enroll in School
  4. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Student to Reenroll

    The selected student appears.

    Date of Reenrollment

    Enter the date of the reenrollment.

    Entry Code

    Choose the reason for the enrollment from the pop-up menu.

    Entry Comment

    Enter any comments related to the reenrollment.

    Full-Time Equivalency

    Choose the multiplier to calculate full-time equivalency from the pop-up menu.

    Grade Level

    Choose the student's current grade level from the pop-up menu.


    Choose the student's current track from the pop-up menu.

    District of Residence

    Choose the student's current district of residence from the pop-up menu.

    Restore class enrollments?

    Choose either Yes or No from the pop-up menu. Restoring the enrollments creates new enrollment records and aids in reports, such as the Enrollment by Section report.

  5. Click Submit
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