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Custom Reports

Use PowerSchool to set up reusable report templates according to your individual needs. The resulting reports provide you with customized views of the information stored in PowerSchool. Print, save, or use the reports as view-only tools. As the data stored on the system changes regularly, the report results will likely change every time you run a new report, even if you use the same template.

Custom reports are different from preconfigured reports because you decide what information to include in the final report and how it will look.

While all reports can be run for all students, some can be run for a selected group of students. If the report you choose allows this option, select the group of students and click the PowerSchool logo to return to the start page. PowerSchool remembers the group while you are signed in and will allow you to select the group as you build the report template.

There are four styles of PowerSchool custom reports: report cards, mailing labels, form letters, and object reports. Each can be created to meet your needs, and all four styles can be saved as templates for reuse.

If a report is no longer useful, you can inactivate it. When editing a custom report, mark the report as Inactive to inactivate the report, move it to the Inactive section, and prevent it from being printed. You can reactive inactive reports by editing the report and clearing the Inactive option. For more information about report templates, see Report Templates. For more information about other ways to create reports, see Report Formatting.

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