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Build the Master Schedule Overview

When building a master schedule, the goal is to satisfy the most student course requests possible while maintaining a good balance of students in course sections. PowerScheduler assigns each section to a period and schedules the sections into classrooms based on the teacher assignments. The system attempts to satisfy as many student course requests as possible, while respecting constraints and the course rank. Before you can build the master schedule, you must download and install the scheduling engine.

Plan to build the master schedule several times. After you build the schedule for the first time, you may find that you forgot to define a constraint or that you need to add sections to a course. Make those changes and build the schedule again. It is likely that you will make changes and rebuild several times before you have a satisfactory schedule.
After you decide on a master schedule, you have the option of allowing the system to optimize it. Then, finalize the master schedule before loading student schedules.

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