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Manage Link Details for Pearson Digital Learning Platforms

Using the Link Details page, you can quickly and easily view detailed information about Pearson Digital Learning Platforms links that have been added to PowerSchool as part of the Pearson Digital Learning Platforms installation. Additionally, you can control which schools can view the Pearson Digital Learning Platforms links.

Note: This procedure is only applicable if the plugin configuration file you installed declares navigation links.

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu. 
  2. Under Server, click System Settings
  3. Click Plugin Management Configuration
  4. Click Pearson Digital Learning Platforms
  5. Click Link Details. The Link Details page for the selected plugin displays the following information for each portal:




    The name of the portal:

    • Administrator Portal
    • Teacher Portal
    • Guardian Portal
    • Student Portal


    For detailed information, see Configure School Access.

    Note: This setting controls only the display of links associated to a plugin. This does not restrict users from accessing content referred to by these links. Only the display of links based on the user's school context is affected.

    Displayed in # / # Schools

    Indicates the number of school the link displays in.

    Note: Only displays for Teacher Portal.


    The URL of the link, including <HostName>:<Port><Path>.

    Display Text

    The link title text appears.

    UI Location

    The location(s) where the link appears in the PowerSchool user interface.


    Indicates whether or not the link is used for SSO.

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