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Use the Immunizations tab on the student Health page to enter immunization data for a student. The Immunizations tab accommodates an unlimited number of vaccines, quick data entry, and provides real-time dose date validation.

When entering information in a pop-up, you can press the Tab key to scroll through pop-up fields; tabbing from the last field saves and closes the pop-up; press the Esc key to cancel and close the pop-up, and press the Return key on a Mac or the Enter key on a PC to save and close the pop-up.
  1. On the start page, search for and select a student.
  2. Choose Health from the student pages menu.
  3. Click Immunizations.
  4. To view a student's vaccine summary, hover over the vaccine name you want to view.
  5. To enter vaccine information;
    1. Click the name of the vaccine.
    2. Enter information as needed.
    3. Press the Tab key to save.
  6. To enter dose information:
    1. Click the appropriate dose cell of the vaccine for which you want to enter information.
    2. Enter the date the dose was administered, select whether to Exclude from Compliance Calculations, and select the Certificate Type. If you have selected Exclude from Compliance Calculations, this dose will not be used to determine compliance for the student.
    3. Press the Tab key to save.
  7. Enter the reason for updating the student’s immunization information.
  8. If required, select the confirmation to attest that all values you entered are accurate and reflective of the certificate data presented to you before you can submit the information.
  9. Click Submit
  10. Click View Change Log to view change reason history.
  11. Click Change History to view the change history for this page. Change History must be enabled.
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