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Final Grades Report

Print and validate your final grades and comments for your sections before submitting grades to an administrator.

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Reports, then Final Grades Report.
  2. Under Criteria, enter a report title.
  3. Select Classes.
  4. Optionally, select Groups.

    If you select from classes and groups, the list of students included in the report is filtered to those who meet both criteria.
  5. If you created a Custom Class Name, select Use Custom Class Name to add it to the report output.
  6. Choose a Student Field.
  7. Choose from the Sort Options.
  8. Select the Data and Date Range.
  9. Click Students.
  10. If you want to run the report for a subset of students, select Add/Remove Students and use the Filter to search for specific students. Clear selected students you want to exclude from the report.
  11. Click Format, then enter a Top Note and Bottom Note.
  12. Click Run Report.
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