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Standards Grades Progress

The graph on the Standards Progress page displays the distribution of grades for each standard aligned to the course, for the selected class and reporting term.

If you are working with standards, this is the primary page you can use to manage standards and student progress for your class. The page provides an overview of the standards for the class. From the Standards Progress page, you can assess which standards you may need to focus on to assure proficiency for the students in your class.

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Progress, then choose Standards.
  2. Use the class selector to select a different class or class group.
    The Standards Progress indicates whether students in the class are demonstrating mastery of the standard. You can use this to inform your instructional response. For example, if you find that most students have failing scores, you may decide to reteach the concept or provide more opportunities for practice.

    The demarcation line indicates the cutoff between passing and failing grades.

  3. The numbers in the Assignments column indicate the number of assignments that include the standard.
    1. Click the Assignments icon to display the Standards Assignments Trend.
      1. Click a column header to sort information.
      2. Click an assignment to review or edit a score.
    2. Click OK to close the screen.
  4. Select a Grade Distribution graph to display the Standards Grades Distribution.
    1. Click the gear icon. Select or clear Show Trend to display or hide the trend column. Select the term you want to use for comparison.
    2. Click a Score Distribution graph to review the final grades and trend comparison. Arrows indicate whether the grades are trending up or down against the selected comparison term.
    3. Click OK to close the page.
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