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What's New in PowerTeacher Pro

PowerTeacher Pro version is available as of May 7, 2022.

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PowerTeacher Pro - Student Groups for Grading and Analysis

Teachers can create groups of students across their classes in PowerTeacher Pro and use that group to create assignments, run reports, and navigate their gradebook, providing teachers better visibility into student success.

Student Groups
PowerTeacher Gradebook RemovalPowerTeacher Gradebook, PowerTeacher Administrator, and related grading functionality have been removed including the following:
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook
  • School and Teacher-Student Info
    • Standard Grade Entry
    • Final Grade Entry
    • Final/Standard Grade Entry Setup
  • Conversion Scales
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook as a Gradebook type for sections
    • A new option of No Gradebook has been added for sections that do not require grading

PowerTeacher Pro - Limit Standard Selection to the Lowest LevelAdministrators and teachers can limit the selection of standards on assignments to allow for only standards at the lowest level.
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