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Recalculate Final Grades and Refresh Assignment Scores

Recalculate final grades for one or more classes, or refresh assignment scores.

Although final grades in PowerTeacher Pro are calculated automatically, you can force a recalculation after making significant changes, such as adding multiple assignment scores for students who transferred from another class. You can also recalculate grades when your PowerSchool administrator changes a setting that affects PowerTeacher Pro, such as the grade calculation formula.

If the reporting term or class is locked, grades will not be updated if you recalculate final grades. If you select a combination of classes with locked and unlocked reporting terms, the grades for the class with the unlocked reporting term will be recalculated.

You can also refresh assignment scores and special grades. For example, refreshing scores may be needed if a grade scale change is made after assignments have been scored.

  1. On the menu bar, choose Grading,
  2. Choose Scoresheet, Categories, Traditional, Standards, Comment Verification, Category Totals, or All Reporting Terms.
  3. From the Students menu, select Assignments, Standards Progress, or Comment Log.
  4. Click the gear icon and then choose Recalculate Final Grades.
  5. Select at least one class from Select Classes.
  6. Select the type of grades you want to recalculate.
  7. To update existing assignment scores, click Advanced Options, then select Refresh Assignment Scores.
  8. Click Recalculate.
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