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Copy Assignments

As a lead teacher or a co-teacher, you can copy assignments from one class to a different class in the current or next year. All matching reporting terms are copied as well.

If you have standards associated with the assignment and the standards already exist in the target school year, the standards are copied along with the assignment details.

A lock icon at the top of the assignment column indicates the reporting term or class is locked. You cannot copy an assignment to a locked term or class.

  1. On the Assignments page or Scoresheet page, click the gear icon, then choose Copy Assignments.
  2. In the From section, select the Term and Class from which you want to copy assignments.
  3. In the To section, select the Term and Classes to which you want to copy assignments.
  4. In the Copy Options section, choose how you want to impact the due date for the assignments:
      • Existing - The copied assignments receive valid due dates relative to the selected term. This option works best when copying into the same term, or overlapping terms.
      • Relational - The copied assignments receive valid proportional due dates relative to the selected term. The due dates are calculated based on the term's start and end dates. This option works best if you want PowerSchool to automatically calculate the due dates for different terms.
      • Custom - The copied assignments receive a specific due date that you assign. This works best for assignments you want to repeat multiple times within a term on specific dates.
    • In the Choose the Assignments section, select the assignments you want to copy or select the heading to select all assignments.

      If you select a source class that is a PowerTeacher Gradebook class, all assignments will be copied to the classes you select.

    • Click Copy Assignments.
    • Verify the due dates for all assignments you copied. Review the assignments in each of the target classes and terms.
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