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Getting Ready for Report Cards

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PowerTeacher Pro provides several features to help you get ready for report cards.

Final grades are updated automatically throughout the term as you enter assignment scores. To ensure final grades are accurate at the end of the term, you may have additional tasks to perform before submitting grades for report cards.  For example, you may have to enter standards grades and modify individual scores. Occasionally, you may also need to modify a student's final course grade based on effort, participation, or other performance factors.


Select the Quick Menu, and then choose Traditional or Standards.

When preparing for report cards, the Traditional Grades page provides an overview of traditional grades for an entire class, along with a summary of how many absences, tardies, missing, late, and incomplete assignments each student has. Use this information to analyze absences and how they may correlate to assignment scores.

When preparing for report cards, the Standards Grades page provides an overview of standards grades for an entire class.

Use the Professional Judgement Indicator to help assess final grades.

Use the Comment Verification page to review previous comments to aid in your analysis of the final grade.

Category Totals

Select the Quick Menu, and then choose Category Totals

Analyze student comprehension across all categories for a class, and review student progress on classwork, projects, and tests.

All Reporting Terms

Select the Quick Menu, then choose All Reporting Terms to display traditional grades across all reporting terms for the selected class. This is especially helpful if you use term-based weighting for your final grades.


Choose from the following reports:

  • The Individual Student Report provides details for an individual student. Run the report to display missing and late assignments, assignment due dates, high and low course grades during a specific period, the overall course grade, and assignment comments. You can also use this report to display standards progress.
  • The Multi-Function Assignment Report provides assignment details by student. You can sort the report to display only missing and late assignments or filter it to display specific assignment categories. You can also select a specific date range to display only assignments due within a defined period.
  • Use the Student Roster Report to generate a report based on student demographic data. You can use this report output for a field trip list, a class contact list, a class checklist, and much more.
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