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Traditional Grades

You can review traditional grades for an entire class, as well as a summary of the total absences, tardies, missing assignments, late assignments, and incomplete assignments each student has.

Use the Quick Menu to navigate to other pages in the Grades section of PowerTeacher Pro.

  1. Choose Grading from the main navigation menu, then choose Traditional.
  2. To edit the final grades, select the final grade and edit the data in the Score Inspector. The displayed grades correspond to the reporting term you choose in the reporting term selector. Select a different term to display grades for that reporting term.
  3. In the summary area, select Show More to display additional grade details.
  4. Override grades on this page as needed. A black triangle in the corner of a grade field indicates a changed grade.

  5. Click Save.

Dropped Students

Click the gear icon, then choose Show Dropped Students to display the students who have dropped the class.

Citizenship Scores

If your school enabled citizenship score entry, enter the score in the Citizenship column.

Variable Credit

If your school enabled variable credit, specify the credit each student Attempted and the credit each student is Awarded in the respective columns, regardless of the credit hours specified for the course or the grade the student earned for the class in a term.

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