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School admin guide

The School Admin role has the most extensive access in a School Edition account. A school administrator has complete access to the school account, including all forms, form responses, user management, account details and school level templates.

How to activate your account

If your district is using Microsoft Active Directory integration, you will be able to access your account by simply clicking “Log in with Microsoft/Google” single sign-on with no additional activation required.

If your district is not integrating with Active Directory, you will need to activate your account by clicking the “Activate Now” link located in the activation email. If you need a copy of the activation email, please contact your account manager. The activation email is delivered from

Next steps

Once you have activated your account, you will have access to the Form Dashboard. You will be able to create and manage forms and access all available district templates. Your account manager will provide you with training and support for creating forms, responding to forms, and managing responses and other school edition use cases.

You can also find resources and guides in this help center. Use the search bar at the top to find answers to your questions.

How does the school admin account differ from other accounts?

School Administrators can access and update every aspect of the School Edition account. They have the highest access level, including adding users (unless integrated with AD), building school level templates and forms, approving forms, managing responses, and all other actions in the school edition platform.

Adding/removing users

If your district has integrated with Active Directory, users are automatically managed via the integration. If your district is not integrated with Active Directory, you can add users manually. From the “Admin” menu on your School Edition account, select “User Management.” From this screen, you can add, edit and delete users.

When you add a new user, an automated activation email is sent to the new user from

School admin account limitations (when part of a PC enabled district)

School Administrators do not have access to other School Edition accounts within their district unless explicitly added to that school as a user. Also, School Administrators cannot make any changes to templates or forms that are owned by the district account.

How to manage and monitor your school

As a school Administrator, you can view all forms and form responses by clicking on the “Forms” link from the top navigation bar. That will bring you to the Forms Manager. From there you can also select “My Approvals” to view and manage all forms and responses that are pending your approval. Additionally, you can use the “Admin” menu to make changes to the account, manage users, create school level templates and manage SafePay settings.

Most common use cases for School Administrators

These are some of the most common use cases for school administrators:

  • Approving forms and responses

  • Reporting on responses

  • Creating forms from district templates

  • Creating custom forms

  • Responding to district forms

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