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Permission Click

With over nine years of rigorous research & development, battle-tested in more than 12,000 K-12 institutions in over 50 countries, Permission Click is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade workflow automation and risk management platform available.

Permission Click delivers a full-stack platform that includes a 'School Edition' for school sites to manage forms and collect payments, and a 'District Edition' designed for district administrators to build, deploy, and monitor policy implementation district-wide.

For school staff, forms are sent home electronically to parents who can click and complete them in seconds on any device in over 100 languages. Schools have ready-to-go templates available by their district but can also build their own on the fly for day-to-day needs.
A more detailed look at what you can accomplish with each Permission Click Edition is as follows.

District Edition

  1. Build your district forms and processes into templates

    • Add workflows

    • Connect multiple forms together for multi-step processes

    • Lock/Unlock/Additions only by section to give schools flexibility as needed

  2. Build and deploy forms centrally

    • Configure access for staff and School Edition users

  3. Student Information System (SIS) Integration

    • Pre-populate data from SIS into forms

    • Use SIS rosters for group sending

    • Data available to move back into SIS

  4. Post-response Workflow

    • Add workflows for individual responses to a form

  5. District-wide reporting

    • Reporting showing #forms completed, started, outstanding by school by user

    • School-level visibility and search

  6. Microsoft Active Directory Role Mapping and SSO

    • User creation

    • User removal

    • Roles managed automatically tied to your Microsoft AD

School Edition

  1. Sending parent-facing forms to collect responses

    • Leverage district approved templates

    • Build school-level forms for ad hoc cases

    • Parents can approve forms in seconds on most digital devices device, with no apps to download, in 100+ languages

  2. Filling internal district forms

    • Visibility of workflow approval status

  3. Real-time reporting

    • Reporting and visibility of school-level data

Permission Click works hand in hand with our user base to continually roll out feature enhancements and new capabilities. Refer to the Permission Click Feature Sheet.pdf for an up-to-date list of Permission Click features.

Refer to the PowerSchool Community articles for more information. 

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