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Create a school level template

Templates are an excellent tool for getting your staff on board and comfortable with Permission Click. New Permission Click users can hop into a pre-built template and simply enter the information in the fields you create.

Templates also enable your school or organization to use standardized forms. Use the lock function on sensitive forms to ensure legal wording and information requested cannot be altered.

First, under the 'Admin' Tab, select 'School Templates.'

Then scroll down and select the 'Create New Template' button at the bottom of the page. You're now ready to go!

You will notice there are nine customizable sections in your template:

  1. Template Name & Description

  2. Internal Questions for Template Users

  3. Public Questions for Form Builder

  4. Form Information

  5. Attachments

  6. Questions for Parents (or Signee)

  7. Questions about each Child (or Attendee)

  8. Collect Payments

  9. Message To Respondents

1. Template Name & Description 

i) Give your template a generic title that explains when the template should be used by staff. For example, "Food Programs", "Field Trips", "Student Registration", "Technology Acceptable Use Form", etc.

ii) Add some details in the text box provided to tell your staff when and how they should be using this form.

2. Internal Questions for Template Users

This section is for questions you need to be answered by your staff that you DO NOT want parents or participants to see. Examples - Is this part of the curriculum? What budget will the funds come from to hold this event?

Note: The information in the next two sections, 'Form Name' and 'Add Dates' will be entered by your event organizers.

3. Public Questions for Form Builder

This section is for questions you need to be answered by your staff that you DO want parents or participants to see. Examples) Destination, departure time, arrival time.

4. Form information

Feel free to copy and paste existing information you have or type your own information here. The best practice would be to leave this for your event organizer so they can fill in information specific to their event. If you would like to write something that will apply to everyone using this form, this would be the place to do it.

Tip! Whenever you see this green unlocked icon, you are able to keep this section unlocked (form builders can edit/add to it). Or you can lock it by simply clicking the green lock symbol (form builders will not be able to edit/add anything to this section).

5. Attachments

If you have a PDF of an existing document that you would like to attach, you may add it here. Remember that since this is a template, it will have to be something generic that will apply to all field trips, food programs, etc.

6. Questions for Parents (or Signees)

These are questions you want to ask the parent/guardian that DO NOT need to be answered for each child. Eg. emergency contact information, recruiting parent volunteers. You can also keep this section unlocked or locked from editing.

7. Questions about each Child (or Attendee) 

These are questions you want to ask the parent/guardian that DO need to be answered for each child. Examples) Allergy information, home room, date of birth, etc...

8. Collect Payments

You can create either a paid ticket (fixed amount of money, such as a standard student registration fee), an open value ticket (good for donations), or a free ticket (good for reserving seats if there is a maximum). Depending on the type of template you are creating, you may want to leave this to your event organizer or add a ticket(s) yourself to be used by everyone.

9. Message to Respondents

This is just a simple note that all of your respondents will see when they complete your permission click form.

These nine sections are to be used at your discretion. If a section does not apply to your form, there is no need to include it.

Your template is now complete! Be sure to tell all your staff to start creating their forms using this template.

Here are some useful templates that your school might appreciate

  • Photo and Media Release Form

  • Off-site Activity Form

  • Student Registration

  • Overnight Activity Form

  • Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and One-to-One Device Programs

  • Lunch Program Registration

  • Policies and Code of Conduct Agreements

  • Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form


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