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Release notes 2023

December 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Student Readiness Indicators12.20.2023EnhancementColorado Student Readiness IndicatorsNaviance has launched a new Student Readiness Indicators dashboard for Colorado. This enables schools and districts in Colorado to track student progress toward the Graduation Guidelines criteria and provide support where needed.
College Planning12.14.2023Resolved IssueApplication Manager Sorting ErrorApplications were being incorrectly sorted by the deadline in the application manager when using the Apps due in the next _days filter from the Show me list.
Analytics12.12.2023EnhancementReports 3.0 User Information and Success Planner Reports

Naviance has introduced a new reporting experience, Naviance Reports 3.0 with additional report types added throughout 2024. This initial release focuses on User Information and Success Planner reports, offering comprehensive student and parent data, as well as Program and Task insights.

Staff users can access Reports 3.0 from Analytics to:

  • Favorite reports, filter by category, and search by report name for a personalized experience.

  • Select specific columns and filters on each report to retrieve the precise data you need.

  • Apply chosen columns and filters to view a report preview or export data to a .csv file.

  • Receive email notifications when an exported .csv file is ready, ensuring timely access.

  • Explore the Exported Files tab to conveniently view and download previously exported reports.

Course Planner12.12.2023EnhancementEnhanced Workflow for Adding or Editing Courses in the Course Plan

Naviance has launched a new student workflow enhancement that makes it easier to add courses to the student course plan.

With this release, students can:

  • Add courses to requirements without going back to the course plan after adding courses to each requirement.

  • Use the requirement list to navigate to the next requirement.

  • Easily review the courses added to each requirement before finalizing them in the course plan.

  • Save and add all courses to the plan at once for each requirement.

College Planning12.12.2023Resolved IssueColleges I’m Applying To Transcript Status ErrorStudents' Colleges I’m Applying To page in Naviance Student did not update the transcript status to Sent after a transcript had been submitted for a student.
Data Integrations12.12.2023EnhancementPS SIS Parent Integration: Registering parents with automatic emails sent

Upon mapping a username in PS SIS Parent Integration, the Naviance system registers parents and sends an introductory email containing a temporary password from

Clients are requested to whitelist Naviance and the aforementioned email address. The introductory email template is a system-generated email and cannot be edited by the client.

eDocs12.07.2023EnhancementMid-Year Column in Application Manager

To support Mid-Year season, you can now identify student applications that require a Mid-Year Report to be sent from the new Mid-Year column in the Application Manager.

  • Required displays for any colleges that require the report.
  • A dash displays for colleges that do not require the report.

When the report is required and submitted to the college, the value displays Submitted.

Success Planner12.06.2023EnhancementSuccess Planner Program UpdateSuccess Planner has been updated so programs cannot be removed or unassigned if a staff member completes or waives any task tied to the program. Programs already behave this way when students start a task within the program. This update is not retroactive and the updated program behavior will only work moving forwards.
Naviance Integrations12.05.2023EnhancementPS SIS Parent Data Integration for districts

You can now import parent data from PowerSchool SIS into Naviance. This enables the district to maintain a unified source of parent records, streamlining the process and enhancing data management. After the integration is established, parent records are created and updated in Naviance, using PS SIS as the single source of truth.

November 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Naviance Elementary11.30.2023EnhancementNaviance for Elementary Enhancements

Changes to the elementary platform include an updated K-5 curriculum with nine pre-built lessons per grade level, opportunities for parent and guardian engagement outside the classroom, improved workflows for students, and advanced lesson customization for staff.

Student Readiness Indicators11.15.2023EnhancementWashington Student Readiness Indicators Released

Naviance has released the Student Readiness Indicators (SRI) dashboard for Washington. The SRI dashboard helps districts and schools keep track of students' progress toward meeting Washiington’s Graduation Pathways Requirements.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Review aggregate and individual student progress toward meeting state mandates.

  • Filter SRI results by counselor, indicators, and indicators’ status.

  • Manually edit individual student’s progress within the dashboard.

  • Bulk import and update students’ indicator completion statuses.

  • Import WA-AIM and WA Smarter Balanced test scores.

  • Export SRI raw data with or without filters applied.

October 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
College Planning10.26.2023Resolved IssueGPA Section Missing from NACAC School ReportThe NACAC School Report did not display the GPA section when a school chose Yes to the Does your school report GPA? question in the School Information form.
College Planning10.26.2023Resolved IssueDuplicate Common App Counselor Recommendation FormsThe Common App Counselor Recommendation form appeared twice in the submit drawer when sending documents to a Common App destination.
College Planning10.25.2023EnhancementCommon Black College Application IndicatorNaviance has released a new Common Black College Application (CBCA) indicator. In Naviance Student, you can find the CBCA indicator in the Admissions section of a college profile. CBCA currently has 65 college members. You can find the full list on the CBCA website.
College Planning10.12.2023Resolved IssueCommon App Fee Waiver and ED Agreements Unavailable for Re-submission

Common App fee waiver and ED agreements are available for re-submission if they fail during the first attempt.

Career Planning10.11.2023Resolved IssueUnable to Associate Careers with a WBL OpportunityStaff were unable to associate careers with their Work-Based Learning opportunities.  Careers can now be associated with WBL opportunities when creating new or editing existing opportunities.
College Planning10.10.2023EnhancementAlert for Common App Account DeletionIf a student decides to delete their Common App account after completing the matching process in Naviance, Common App now sends an event that allows Naviance to automatically unmatch the student and remove previous submissions. This enhancement ensures that students can immediately re-match using their preferred Common App account so that school staff can continue sending application documents.
College Planning10.09.2023EnhancementCommon App Application Download IndicatorAn indicator was added on the eDocs Send page that indicates if a Common App college has downloaded a student’s college application.
Success Planning10.03.2023EnhancementSuccess Planner ImprovementDistrict-level staff users can now remove uploaded documents from tasks assigned to students. The delete function is available when reviewing a task's details via the student folder.
Naviance Student10.05.2023EnhancementNaviance Student Log Out ButtonThe color of the Log Out button in Naviance Student was changed from blue to white. This is a visual change and there is no impact on functionality.

September 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
College Planning9.28.23Resolved IssueACT Score File Import UpdateThe ACT Score importer now maps the column headers in the ACT score file to the ACT score fields in Naviance. For example, Composite in Naviance maps to ACT composite score from the uploaded file.
Success Planning9.28.23EnhancementSuccess Planner ImprovementSchool-level staff users can now remove uploaded documents from tasks assigned to students. The delete function is available when reviewing a task's details via the student folder.
College Planning9.28.23EnhancementScribbles Receiver Network Added to eDocs

The Scribbles integration is now available. Naviance has  partnered with Scribbles which has expanded our higher education receiver network. With this new integration, clients can submit student application materials to approximately 2,100 more institutions. The institutions are a diverse mix of 4-year institutions, community colleges, and vocational & technical schools. To learn if an institution is a Scribbles member, visit the institution's college profile page in Naviance Succeed.

Continue to prepare documents using the same, existing workflow on the eDocs Prepare page. The eDocs Send page displays a new Scribbles table with the ability to submit Scribbles documents individually or in bulk. After submitting a document, review the submission status, submission date, and the date the institution downloaded the document on the eDocs Submission Status table.

College Planning9.26.23Resolved IssueMultiple Transcript Manager

The logic used for matching student transcripts when uploading via the Multiple Transcript Manager was updated to ensure all pages of a student's transcript can be matched appropriately. Here is the updated logic for each page:

  1. The student's first name and last name are matched first.

  2. After the student's first name and last name are matched, then either their date of birth, high school student ID, or state student ID is used to match the transcript page to the student record.

Success Planning9.26.23Resolved IssueStudents Taken to Incorrect Career Cluster Page from a TaskStudents were not directed to the Career Cluster page when assigned the Add career clusters to my list built-in task. Students are now redirected to the correct page if they are or have already been assigned the task.
Success Planning9.26.23Resolved IssueStudents Taken to Incorrect Scholarship Search Page from a TaskStudents were directed to the old Scholarship Search page when assigned the Scholarship Search built-in task. Students are now redirected to the correct page if they are or have already been assigned the task.
College Planning9.22.23EnhancementTest Optional Data

Test Optional data can now be exported at the individual school level.

Course Planner9.20.23Resolved IssueCourse Planner Approve and Reopen Buttons Appear When Opening Multiple Student Course PlansIn the past, when staff users opened multiple student course plans from the Student Course Plan Manager, the Approve and Reopen buttons did not appear for every student. This issue was resolved and the Approve and Reopen buttons now appear only when multiple student course plans are opened at the same time.
Student Readiness Indicators9.14.23EnhancementAlabama Student Readiness Indicators 

Naviance has released the Student Readiness Indicators (SRI) dashboard for Alabama. The SRI dashboard helps districts and schools keep track of students' progress toward meeting Alabama’s new College and Career Readiness requirements.

With this dashboard, clients can:

  • Review aggregate and individual student progress toward meeting state mandates.

  • Filter SRI results by counselor, indicators, and indicators’ status.

  • Manually edit individual student’s progress within the dashboard.

  • Bulk import and update students’ indicator completion statuses.

  • Export SRI raw data with or without filters applied.

Success Planning9.12.23Resolved IssueStaff Unable to Remove Related Standards from a TaskStaff users were unable to remove related standards from a Success Planner task. This issue is now resolved. Staff users can now successfully add or remove related standards from tasks.
Analytics9.11.23Resolved IssueStudent Readiness Report Missing Grade Level Options

The Student Readiness Report generator was not displaying all of the grade/class years to staff users in high schools when their highest enrolled grade level was not set to 12th grade. This issue is now resolved. The Student Readiness Report generator will now display all appropriate grade levels.

August 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Naviance Student 8.29.23EnhancementStudent and Parent Login Pages UpdateThe color and styling on the header and footer of the student and parent login experience were updated. There is no impact on the login workflow or images in the login modules.
College Planning 8.29.23EnhancementScattergram Test Optional FilterA new test-optional filter was added to Scattergrams in Naviance Student to help students strategically plan if they should submit test scores with their college applications. When the filter is used, applications plotted on the graph that have been marked as test-optional will remain prominent and all other data points will fade into the background.
Course Planner8.24.23EnhancementCourse Planner Improved Equivalents Support

If students took equivalent courses, imported courses will now replace the planned courses they didn’t end up taking. This will work for both full and partial credit imports and block and blockettes for our eSchoolPlus clients.

To take advantage of these updates, students or staff will need to perform an action on a student’s course plan to allow the course plan to update. These actions can include:

  • Republishing and updating the plan of study after any changes are made.

  • Importing student course data either manually or via SFTP, or SIS integration.

  • Editing the student’s course plan.

To find out which course an equivalent replaced, staff and students can edit the requirement or select a course name in the plan grid and navigate to the equivalents section of the course catalog information.

Email8.17.23EnhancementParent Email Inboxes Don't Switch Properly Between StudentsAn issue has been fixed with parent users tied to multiple students attending different schools not seeing their inbox update appropriately when switching between their students. Parent inboxes will now update properly when switching between students.
Naviance Integrations8.9.23EnhancementClever Data Integration: Automated Sync Alignment with Clever Status

Naviance Clever Student Integration now aligns closely with Clever's sync status. When updates are absent at the source, no jobs will run. The test and start import options will be disabled and display the following message.  Importing data is unavailable because your sync is paused in Clever. Resume your Clever sync to import data.

This prompts clients to update data accordingly, ensuring synchronization accuracy.

Naviance Integrations8.9.23EnhancementNaviance Clever Student Integration Supports All Grades

Naviance Clever Student Integration now supports all grades from Clever. This includes flexible mapping of non-standard grades on the Define Code page.

  • Log in to your Succeed account and navigate to Clever Data Integration.

  • On the Match setting map “class year = Class year based on grade”.

  • Navigate to the Define Code page to map the grades as per your institution.

Naviance Integrations8.7.23EnhancementImproved History Page - Data Retention Update

The data integration history page was enhanced to display data for the past 30 days across all integrations. To streamline the experience, logs older than 30 days are now hidden, and clients may not see certain logs on the page. Simply rerun to view any new logs.

Naviance Integrations8.3.23EnhancementPS SIS Staff Data Integration - Define Codes Page Update

The Teacher (D) role will be auto-mapped from PowerSchool SIS for staff on the Define Codes page.

Naviance8.1.23EnhancementeDocs Rollover Completed

eDocs Rollover has been completed. Refer to the help article for more information.

Test Prep8.1.23EnhancementAP Course UpdatesNaviance has updated Test Prep AP course material.

July 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Career Planning7.20.23EnhancementSearch Job Opportunities

Search Job Opportunities lets students search for active employment, apprenticeships, or internships from within the Careers section of Naviance. Students can apply filters to find options that interest them and then save their favorite opportunities. Favorited job opportunities are listed in student folders in Succeed. Students can also review detailed job descriptions and navigate directly to a company’s site to access the job application.

To access this tool, students must have linked their Naviance and Headed2 accounts.

Career Planning7.20.23EnhancementHeaded2 and Naviance Account LinkingThe account linking feature lets students link their Naviance accounts to new or existing Headed2 accounts so they can access the job search tool in Naviance. After linking the accounts, the student's accounts will stay linked indefinitely unless manually unlinked by the student.
Career Planning7.20.23EnhancementMilitary Exploration

Military careers are now included in Naviance career exploration, letting students review military branches, access direct links to military branch websites, and favorite the branches that interest them. Favorited military branches are available in student folders in Succeed.

A section for Related Military Careers is also added to Naviance career profiles and includes a list of related military career titles, branch information, and key details. Students can filter from Explore Careers to specifically display careers that have related military options.

Naviance7.19.23Resolved IssueStudents Rolled Over to Next YearNaviance resolved an issue which caused student rollover to occur earlier than expected, resulting in all students incorrectly being promoted to the next grade level. Students are now back in the correct grades within Naviance. The annual rollover will take place on July 25th, 2023. 
Naviance Student7.18.23EnhancementNaviance Student Help Center

Naviance has released a student and parent help center. This help center lets students and parents access content about navigating Naviance Student without needing to reach out to district or school staff for support.

The new help center is accessed by clicking the question mark icon in the top navigation when logged in as a student or parent or when viewing as a student.

June 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Future Planning6.22.23EnhancementNew Student Homepage and Improved User Experience

Naviance is excited to announce the release of our new student homepage and improved user experience! The new homepage focuses a student on their Future Plan. It provides an individualized experience based on their chosen post-secondary paths, which they can select on the homepage. To accommodate this new experience, the Welcome Message, Additional Information from School, Tasks and Important To-Dos, What’s New, Student Readiness Indicators, where applicable, and the Info Box were moved to the side of the page. Additionally, Curriculum and Test Prep links were moved to the Planner menu of the main navigation. Finally, the Careers homepage was sunset since the new homepage displays the same content. 

Key pages in Naviance Student were updated to create a streamlined look and feel without changing workflows. The updated pages are:

  • Self-Discovery, not including the actual assessments
  • Favorite Careers and Clusters
  • Explore Careers, including Career profiles
  • Explore Clusters and Pathways, including Career Cluster and Career Pathway profiles
  • College Lookup
  • Colleges I’m Thinking About
  • Colleges I’m Applying To
  • College Specific Scholarships
  • Scholarship Search, including individual scholarships 
  • Favorite Scholarships
Future Planning6.22.23EnhancementUpdated Game Plan Survey QuestionNaviance has released an update to the Game Plan survey question. The Game Plan question is now What is your first-choice path after high school? The updated question appears to students and can be updated by staff without any action required by the client.
Course Planner6.19.23EnhancementOne to One AlternatesNaviance has released a new type of alternates for Course Planner. Districts may now let students select One to One Alternates where a student can specify which elective each alternate course goes with. Students can select up to two alternates per elective and can set the priority between them. 

May 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Email5.11.23Resolved IssueChanges to Spell Check Feature in EmailsNaviance retired the spell-check feature found in Naviance Email. We will evaluate the best solution to replace the existing functionality.
Career Planning5.11.23Resolved IssueCareers UI Fix for Naviance StudentWhen a student selected a related major tied to a career or pathway, navigated to that major, and then navigated back to the Explore Careers or Explore Clusters and Pathways page, the page did not display properly and seemed broken. The page now displays correctly when a student navigates back to the careers section.

April 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Student Readiness Indicators (SRI)4.25.23EnhancementTexas SRI - Update to ACT Indicators

Due to the updated Texas graduation requirements for the ACT, the verbiage in SRI was updated to reflect the scores that students need to meet. There is no change to how the indicator works in SRI, and you can continue to use the Texas SRI import template to update the indicators.

The description for the ACT Reading indicator now displays:

  • For any ACT test taken after February 15, 2023, receive a combined score of 40 or higher on the ACT English and ACT Reading tests.
  • For any ACT test taken before February 15, 2023, score 19 or higher in ACT Reading with a composite ACT score no less than 23.’ to both students and staff.

The description for the ACT Math indicator now displays:

  • For any ACT test taken after February 15, 2023, score 22 or higher on the ACT Math with no composite score requirement.
  • For any ACT test taken before February 15, 2023, score 19 or higher in ACT Math with a composite ACT score no less than 23.’ to both students and staff.
Data Integrations4.18.23EnhancementNaviance-SIS Plugin updates

Clients with the base Naviance Plugin of 1.2.4 in SIS are auto-upgraded to the latest plugin of 1.2.14 to support the Naviance-SIS Staff import.

For clients that have versions below the base Naviance plugin or the required SIS version of 22.7.0, an error message indicates what to upgrade.

College Planning4.18.23EnhancementTest Optional

Students and staff can start tracking which college applications a student applied to as Test Optional.

Students and staff can indicate if a student applied test optional on their Colleges I'm Applying To page. Additionally, the existing built-in college application survey question includes the Test Optional question, allowing students to indicate per institution if they applied with or without their ACT or SAT scores. This data is immediately available to staff and students from the College I'm Applying To page. PowerSchool will be releasing new displays of this data in the fall!

Success Planning4.13.23Resolved IssueSuccess Planner task completed survey responses not displaying to studentsWhen a survey, legacy or new, was configured with the ‘Allow respondents to save answers and return later until finished’ after completion option and assigned to a Success Planner task, students were unable to review their survey responses after completing the survey. This has been resolved and survey responses are now viewable to students without clients needing to take any action.
Success Planning4.6.23Resolved IssueDistrict-level built-in Take SAT taskThe district-level, built-in Take SAT task was directing students to the SAT 2400 scale page in Naviance Student. The task was corrected and now takes students to the SAT 1600 scale page without clients needing to take any actions.
Student Readiness Indicators4.4.23EnhancementStudent Readiness Indicators - Pennsylvania

Naviance has released Student Readiness Indicators (SRI) for Pennsylvania. The Student Readiness Indicators dashboard is designed to help districts and schools keep track of students' progress toward meeting Pennsylvania’s Future Ready PA requirements. Clients can import data for Student Readiness Indicators from the Data Import New page for the Keystone Exam and Pennsylvania SRI indicators.

March 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Data Integrations3.16.23EnhancementNaviance-PowerSchool SIS Integration for Staff Data

The Naviance and PowerSchool SIS Integration for staff data allows for a one-way sync of staff data from PowerSchool SIS to Naviance. Users can set the update frequency and determine the staff data shared from the SIS to Naviance.

Analytics3.14.2023Resolved IssueCourse Demand Report Not Populating All Data

Naviance resolved an issue causing the Course Demand report in Reports 2.0 to not correctly populate all data. Data for all students now displays in the report without clients needing to take any actions.

The report is updated nightly with the most up-to-date data.
College Planning3.8.2023Resolved IssueCommon Application College GroupThe Common Application standard system college group in Naviance was updated to include all current Common Application member colleges and will now update automatically as new members join.

February 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
Analytics2.28.2023Resolved IssueStudent Readiness Report - Wouldn't Run When Using a Group

The Student Readiness Report would not generate for staff users if a group was selected on the first page of the wizard.

This issue is fixed and groups can be used to select students when running the Student Readiness Report.

Naviance Curriculum2.23.2023Resolved IssueCurriculum Not Displaying When Middle School Staff Are Using Demo Student FeatureMiddle school staff users can now access the Curriculum when using the demo student feature if the default grade-level sequences have been activated.
Analytics2.21.2023EnhancementReports BETA Name Change

Reports BETA is now Reports 2.0! This rename is purely nominal and does not include any report enhancements.

Additionally,  Reports 2.0 can now be found under Reports on the Analytics drop-down menu.

Career Planning2.21.2023Resolved IssueWork-Based Learning Seat Availability Issue

Naviance has resolved an issue that caused district-created Work-Based Learning (WBL) opportunities with per-school seat availability limits to not be properly enforced in Naviance Student, allowing more students in a particular school to register for the opportunity beyond its seat availability limit. The implemented fix prevents this issue from occurring for all current and future opportunities created in WBL.

Course Planner2.21.2023Resolved IssueCourse Planner - PowerSchool SIS Integration Scheduled Import Erroring Out

Naviance has resolved an issue causing scheduled Course Planner - PowerSchool Student Information (SIS) imports to fail and display a Critical Error - Import Canceled status. The changes made to resolve the issue impact all three scheduled course-related integrations: course mapping, student course data (course history), and student course data (current courses).

These changes are implemented automatically onto scheduled imports, so no action needs to be taken.

Career Planning2.15.2023EnhancementNew Careers Home Page

Naviance is excited to announce the release of our new Careers Home page. The new page lets students review information about their future plan and favorite careers in one place. Students can set their own post-secondary goals with College, Career, Military, or Exploratory plans as options. Students can also review additional details about their favorite careers, including which Skills and Knowledge Sets are most prevalent in their favorite careers. This new data will help students plan and develop themselves for the careers they are most interested in.

The new page is located in the Careers section of the top navigation bar.

Surveys2.15.2023Resolved IssueNew Surveys Missing from the Advanced Student Search Drop-Down MenuNaviance has resolved an issue where the Survey dropdown menu on the Advanced Student Search page did not display new surveys. New surveys now display in the survey dropdown menu.
Course Planner2.9.2023Resolved IssueCourse Planner - PS SIS Integration Current Student Course Data Not Syncing

Naviance has resolved an issue where the Course Planner PowerSchool SIS Integration was not properly populating current course data from the Student Course Data Current Courses sync.

Districts impacted by this issue can run a manual Student Course Data (Current Courses) import or wait until the next scheduled SFTP import runs to bring historical course data over from PS SIS.
Data Export2.8.2023EnhancementData Export - User VerificationTo further protect student, staff, and parent data, we released an additional user verification mechanism to our export data functionality. Now, you must enter a one-time passcode before proceeding to complete the data export task.
College Planning2.7.2023Resolved IssueLone Star College Not Populating College SearchNaviance has resolved an issue that was preventing Lone Star College System from populating a college search in Naviance Student.
Course Planner2.6.2023Resolved IssueManual Course Mapping Imports Not Processing

Naviance has resolved an issue where manual course mapping imports were getting stuck in Queued for Processing on the Data Import History screen.

Districts impacted by this issue should rerun their course mapping import using a manual import or wait for their next scheduled SFTP import.
Course Planner2.6.2023Resolved IssuePowerSchool SIS Integration Historical Student Course Data Not Syncing

Naviance has resolved an issue that caused the Course Planner - PS SIS Integration to not populate historical course data correctly from the Student Course Data (Course History) sync.

Districts impacted by this issue can run a manual Student Course Data (Course History) import or wait for their scheduled one to run to bring historical course data over from PS SIS.

January 2023

Product AreaDateTypeSummaryDescription
College Planning1.27.2023Resolved IssueSuperMatch errorNaviance has resolved an issue that was causing students to get an error when conducting a college search using SuperMatch.
College Planning1.25.2023Resolved IssueScholarship names display dots and underscores in SucceedNaviance has have vised an issue that was causing scholarship names to include dot and underscore characters in between each letter in the local and regional scholarship list in Naviance.
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