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Use Recommendations

This feature is only available to institutions with an active Intersect Presence subscription. Complete this form to get more information.

Use the Recommendations feature to find schools that match your institution's recruitment goals. Intersect's proprietary logic compares high schools in that area against the profile of your institution's past enrollees, including factors such as:

  • Application history
  • Type of high school
  • Student career interest
  • Religious affiliation
  • Willingness to travel
  • Student demographics
  • Town demographics

Based on the comparison, high schools receive a score between 1-100.

  1. Navigate to the RepVisits tile on the homepage, then click Schedule.
  2. From the RepVisits page, select Recommendations.
  3. In the search bar, enter one of the following to generate a list of results.
    • The county within the state you are visiting
    • The zip code of a high school you are visiting
    • The name of the state you are visiting

From the results:

      • Review information about the high school, including public or private, college-going rates, and the estimated number of students in the senior class.
      • Assess the number of students who have expressed an interest in your institution by adding it to their list of Colleges I'm Thinking About or Colleges I'm Applying To in Naviance Student.
        • N/A displays for:
          • Schools with less than 10 students interested in your institution
          • Non-Naviance high schools
      • Review availability and schedule appointments with high schools that have published their availability.
      • Click Add To Travel Plan to access the school and any upcoming visits or fairs.
      • Click the school name to display the address and contact information for the school, including a link to the high school's Counselor Community profile.
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