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Budget your life

Create a budget for a lifestyle you want to lead or from a starting salary.

  1. Select I want to from the main navigation menu.

  2. From Activities, choose Budget Your Life.

  3. Click Budget how much money you’ll need or Budget from a starting salary.

  4. Enter your zip code and click Begin or choose your state, click Select, and then select a county. Alternatively, select your starting salary and click Next Section.

  5. For each category, select an option or enter a Monthly Cost. Then, click Next Section.

  6. From the Summary, review your monthly spending. Optionally, you can:

    • Print your budget summary.

    • View occupations that meet your budget.

    • Save your budget to the Career Hub.

    • Add other items for expenses not covered in other categories.

      1. Click Add a new expense.

      2. Enter the expense details and then click Save Option.

      3. Select the expense and click Next Section to add it to your budget.

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