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Manually Add a College Visit

If a college or university calls or emails your high school to discuss visit availability, you can manually add a visit.

  1. Navigate to the RepVisits tile on the homepage, then click Schedule.
  2. Click Add Visit found under the Calendar.

    Do not click on the inactive page. You will lose your work and have to start over.
  3. From Schedule New Visits, click Go to date.
  4. Select the date you want to schedule the visit, then choose an available time slot.

    Click Want a custom time? Add it manually. to add a new time slot.
  5. If prompted, select the Visit Type. For virtual visits, enter the Virtual Visit URL.
  6. In the Find Representative field, start typing the representative's first name or the representative's institution, then select the name from the list.

    If the representative is not a Counselor Community member or RepVisits contact, their name is not included in the search results. Click Not in the list? Add them manually to enter the contact's information. The contact is added to your RepVisits contacts and available to add to future events.
  7. Enter the Event Location, such as the counseling department or career center.
  8. Add Internal Notes for school staff, if any.
  9. Click Add Visit.
    • An email notification is sent to the admissions representative.
    • The event is added to your RepVisits calendar.
    • The event is added to the admission representative's RepVisits calendar if the rep is a Counselor Community member.
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