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Run Reports for All Students

  1. On the start page, click Reports from the navigation menu. The Reports for All Students page appears.
  2. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Which report would you like to print?

    Choose the report to print from the pop-up menu.

    For which students?

    The selected number of students appears.

    Note: This field does not appear when running a report for an individual student.

    Test print?

    You are encouraged to use the Test Print feature until you know each of the reports. Some take a long time to run, and you do not want to wait for a report only to learn it is the wrong one.

    Select the checkbox to generate a test printing of the report, and enter the number of pages to print. If you do not select the checkbox, all the report pages print.

    Note: This field does not appear when running a report for an individual student.

    Watermark Text

    If you want to print text as a watermark on each page of the report, use this pop-up menu to either choose one of the standard phrases or choose Custom and enter the text you want to print as a watermark in the blank field.

    Watermark Mode

    Use the pop-up menu to determine how you want the text to print. Select Watermark to print the text behind objects on the report. Select Overlay to print the text over objects on the report.

    When to print

    To run this report, select a time to start it:

    • ASAP: Execute immediately.
    • At Night: Execute during the next evening.
    • On Weekend: Execute during the next weekend.
    • On Specific Date/Time: Execute on the date and time specified in the following fields, using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field will be submitted as a blank entry.

    Report Output Locale

    Select the locale from the pop-up menu. The report output will be in the language associated with the locale.

    Note: When generating object reports, certain report text may appear in the default English language. For more information, contact your System Administrator.

  3. Click Submit. Depending on the report, either the selected report or the Report Queue – My Jobs page appears.
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