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View Alerts

Several student pages provide alert features. If a student's record contains an alert, an Alert icon appears at the top of each of his or her student pages. 

  1. On the Current Classes page, click the Student Information (backpack) icon of the class you want to work with.
  2. Click the name of the student you want to work with.The student information displays the default page previously selected.
    Note: For more information on setting the default page, see  Set Your Default Student Screen.
  3. To view details:



    Click to view Birthday Alert pop-up.


    Click to view Discipline Alert pop-up.


    Click to view Other Alert pop-up.


    Click to view Parent Alert pop-up.


    Click to view Medical Alert pop-up.

    If enhanced health is enabled, the pop-up displays the student's active health concerns, active health plans, and a status indicating if a plan has been read and acknowledged by you.

    To read and/or acknowledge a health plan:

    1. Click View Plans. The Medical Alert pop-up is dismisses and the Health Plans page for the student appears.
    2. Click the name of the health plan. The View Acknowledge Health Plan drawer opens.
    3. Once you have read through and understand the health plan, select the I acknowledge that I have read and understand this health plan checkbox.
    4. Click Acknowledge.

    Note: The plan continues to display in the alert even after you have read and acknowledged the health plan. The status of the plan in the alert reflects whether it requires acknowledgement. If a health plan is updated, the status of the plan in the alert will indicate the need to re-acknowledge.

  4. When done viewing, close the alert.
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