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Take Multiple Sections Attendance

Use the Show Multiple Sections button to take attendance for concurrently meeting sections. If the class spans multiple periods, you may need to take attendance multiple times depending on your school policy. Taking attendance concurrently by meeting is helpful for teachers who instruct several sections during one meeting, since all students for that meeting appear on one list, regardless of their sections.

On the Seating Chart, you can combine layouts in order to take attendance for multiple sections.

Note: Class sections that meet more than once a day display a pop-up menu next to the Single Day (chair) icon, which allows you to select the specific period in which to record or change attendance.

  1. On the start page, click the icon for the attendance mode you would like to use. The selected attendance page appears.
  2. Click Show Multiple Sections. In Single Day attendance mode, the names of those sections that meet concurrently appear, along with a combined class roster. In Multi-Day attendance mode, the names of those sections that meet concurrently appear, and the students display by section.
    Note: Concurrent attendance can only be taken for sections that share the same attendance mode as the originally selected section. For instance, if the selected section is designated as an interval attendance mode, only sections that are designated as using interval attendance will be combined when Show Multiple Sections is selected.
  3. Enter the attendance code using the data entry options for the selected page. 
    Note: Blank attendance codes count as (Present). However, if using interval attendance, an attendance value may be required to be entered for each student based on the requirements for your state/province.
  4. Repeat for each different attendance code to assign. Note that in interval attendance, each student must have an attendance code for each interval.
  5. Click Submit. The attendance codes are saved to the PowerSchool system.
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