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The PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal helps teachers to manage daily classroom activities such as taking attendance, entering grades, communicating with students and parents, posting assignment details, and much more. With the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal, these activities can be performed from any networked computer, at any time. This allows more time and attention to be focused on any teacher’s primary aim—teaching the students. The PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal is fully integrated with the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal, allowing educators to take advantage of expanded access to critical student performance for the students that they teach.

The start page serves as the central point from which you begin your PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal session.


The header is common to every page in the application and includes the following options:

  • Click PowerSchool to return to the start page from anywhere within the application.

  • Welcome, [Your Name] (the first and last name of the person signed in) should display. If not, contact your school's PowerSchool administrator. Hover over your name to display the date and time of your last sign-in. This information can be used to alert you to any unusual account activity, and help ensure that your account is secure and your information protected. Report any unusual account activity to your administrator.

  • Click Help to navigate to the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal in-app help.

  • Click Sign Out to sign out of the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal.

Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar is common to every page in the application and includes the following options:

  • The name of your default School. If you have access to more than one school, click School, then choose from the available options.

    Be sure the school in which you want to work is displayed before beginning any PowerSchool procedure.

    If the School option is not available, contact your administrator. Your administrator must assign the necessary permission.

  • The current Term, which adjusts automatically at the beginning of each term.

  • Choose Applications to navigate to PowerSchool Learning or PowerSchool Assessment. You can also access these applications in PowerTeacher Pro.

    Applications is only available if a plugin has been installed, enabled, and your school has been granted access to the plugin.

  • Click the exclamation point to access Notifications. The Password Security section displays the date and time of your last sign-in. Hover over your name to display this information. This information can be used to alert you to any unusual account activity. If you experience any unusual account activity, report it to your school.

  • Click Print this Page to print the page that is currently displayed.

  • Click Report Queue to access Report Queue - My Jobs.

    This option is only available when you have reports that are in the queue.

Navigation Menu

The main menu of the start page provides links grouped by functional area for convenient navigation.

District Code

The main menu also displays your four-digit district code. Enter this code in the PowerSchool SIS Teacher mobile app to sign in to your district.

This code is only available if the PowerSchool server is registered with the mobile service server.

Current Classes

The class list includes classes for the current term. Choose from the available icons to complete the following tasks:




The period/day combination, name, and section number appear for each class

PowerTeacher Pro

Click to access PowerTeacher Pro for a specific class.

Attendance Indicator icon indicating attendance has not been taken
Attendance Indicator icon indicating attendance has been taken

The Attendance Indicator lets you know whether you have submitted attendance for that class. A dotted line indicates attendance has not been taken. A check indicates attendance has been taken.

Single Day Attendance icon

Click Single Day Attendance to take attendance for a single day.

Multi-Day Attendance icon

Click Multi-Day Attendance to take attendance for a date range or term.

Seating Chart Attendance icon

Click Seating Chart Attendance to work with the seating chart. This includes designing and editing a seating chart layout, taking attendance, and more.

Lunch Counts icon

Click Lunch Counts to submit lunch counts.

Student Information icon

Click Student Information to display student data, or to enter final grades or log entries.

Reports icon

Click Reports to print reports for an individual student or the entire class.

PE Waivers icon

Click PE Waivers to display student PE waiver information.

This is only applicable if Enhanced Health Management is enabled by your district.

Fitness icon

Click Fitness to assign fitness tests to the entire class.

Fitness is only available if Fitness Tracking is enabled by your district for the class.

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