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HealthMedAdmin (ver19.11.0)

This table contains records of medication administered for a student.

Column Name

Initial Version

Data Type





Users DCID of staff member administering the medication. Required.

AdministrationStatus19.11.0number(16,0)CodeSetID of the related CodeSet table row indicating which dose status was selected. Indexed. Required.
DateGiven19.11.0DateDate that medication was administered. Defaults to current date. Required.
DoseAmount19.11.0Number(25,10)Quantity administered. Valid values: 0=Minimum value, 9999999.99=Maximum value. Defaults to 0. Required.
HealthMedicationDoseTimeID23.10.0Number(19,0)ID of the related HealthMedicationDoseTime table row indicating which schedule time is administered.
ID19.11.0Number(19,0)Unique sequential number generated by the application. Indexed. Required.
MedicationRecordID19.11.0Number(19,0)ID of the related Medication table row indicating which medication. Indexed. Required.
StudentsDCID19.11.0Number(19,0)DCID of the student this medication is for. Indexed. Required.
TimeGiven19.11.0Varchar2(8)Time when the medication is administered. Format: hh:mm AM. Required.
WhenCreated19.11.0Timestamp(6)The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date. Required.
WhenModified19.11.0Timestamp(6)The date and time the record was modified. Defaults to system date. Required.
WhoCreated19.11.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who created the record. Defaults to user. Required.
WhoModified19.11.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who modified the record. Defaults to user. Required.
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