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Work with Plugin Links

Once a plugin is set up, users can launch the plugin from within PowerSchool while keeping their PowerSchool session active allowing them to work in both applications simultaneously.

Note: The link only appears if the link is defined in the plugin configuration file, the plugin is enabled, the link is set to display for the selected school, and if you belong to a user access role that has the capability associated to the link.

Note: If SAML single sign-on settings have been added to PowerSchool as part of the plugin installation, SAML single sign-on links will only appear in the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal and the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal if: A user is of the user type the link is specified for, and there are no permissions declared in that plugin; There are permissions declared in that plugin, and one or more of the permissions declared in that plugin is turned on for one or more of the user access roles that are assigned to that user.

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