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Unified Classroom

Unified Classroom empowers teachers to manage the entire instructional process by connecting the classroom and home, combining PowerSchool student information system, assessment, learning, and gradebook products into a single, unified software solution. As part of the Unified Classroom onboarding process, PowerSchool Services will work with you to determine when Unified Classroom single sign-on (SSO) should be enabled. At your request, PowerSchool Services will enable Unified Classroom SSO for you. However, if you prefer, you can enable Unified Classroom SSO yourself using Allow Access to the Unified Classroom Setup Page and Enable and Configure Unified Classroom.

Before Getting Started

  • The Unified Classroom Setup page is only accessible at the district level for PowerSchool hosted customers with sufficient access privileges.
  • When Unified Classroom is enabled, it relies on changes to Teachers/pw.html and public/pw.html. Districts who have customized the Sign In pages will need to update these pages with the latest changes before enabling Unified Classroom.
  • When Unified Classroom is enabled, existing student, parent, and teacher usernames cannot be modified in both the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal and the PowerSchool SIS Student and Parent portal. If a username has not been entered, one may be entered. However, once submitted, it cannot be modified.

Allow Access to the Unified Classroom Setup Page

In order to navigate to the Unified Classroom Setup page, you will need to provide Full permission to your Administrator group using the Overridden Page Permissions function. Using the Unified Classroom Setup page, administrators can quickly turn off Unified Classroom SSO completely or for specific portals. It is recommended that you only enable the permission for the Administrator group.

  1. On the start page, choose System in the main menu.
  2. Click Groups
  3. Click a name in the Group Name column. 
  4. Click Overridden Page Permissions.
  5. Enter security/unifiedclassroom.html as the Filter.
  6. Set all pages to Full.
  7. Click Submit.

Enable and Configure Unified Classroom

  1. From the start page, click School in the navigation toolbar, and then choose District Office.
  2. Choose System in the main menu.

  3. Click Unified Classroom Setup

  4. Select Enable Unified Classroom Single Sign-On to enable Unified Classroom. When enabled, teachers, students, and parents will be able to sign in to Unified Classroom.

  5. Select Enable Teachers Single Sign-On to redirect teachers to the Unified Classroom when they sign in to the PowerTeacher portal, and then click Yes.

  6. Select Enable Students and Parents Single Sign-On to redirect students and teachers to the Unified Classroom when they sign in to the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal, and then click Yes.

  7. Select Enable Automatic Account Creation for Parents to enable automatic Unified Classroom account creation for parents. When enabled parents added or updated in the SIS will automatically get a Unified Classroom account created. This only takes effect for any new parents added since the feature is enabled. It does not retroactively create an account for existing parents. If the district does need to retro-actively Unified Classroom accounts for parents, they must contact PowerSchool Support.

  8. Unified Classroom External Hostname refers to the protocol, hostname, and port for the common portal URL. The default is set to This setting is only applicable if Enable Unified Classroom Single Sign-On is selected and you are in Test Server mode. 

  9. Click Submit.

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