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Transfer Stored Grades (Direct Enrollment Only)

To associate the historic grade records generated at a summer school with the originating school, use Direct Database Access to modify the SchoolID field of the StoredGrades table records to reflect the student's originating school.

WARNING: Changes made through Direct Database Access (DDA) are permanent and irreversible. Always backup PowerSchool data prior to DDA modification.

Sign in to the summer school.

  1. In your browser, enter the URL for DDA (Direct Database Access)
  2. From the Current Table menu, select Stored Grades.
  3. From the first Search StoredGrades menu, select SchoolID.
  4. From the comparator menu, select =.
  5. In the field for this row, enter the school ID for your summer school.
  6. Select Search only in records belonging to [school name].

  7. Click Search all XXX records in this table.
  8. Write down the value for Current Records in Selection.
  9. Click Modify Records.
  10. From the menu, select SchoolID.
  11. Enter the school ID for the school to which the records will be moved (the students' originating school).
  12. Click Modify Selected Record.
  13. On the DDA page, click Modify Records.
  14. From the menu, select SchoolName.
  15. Enter the name of the school to which the records will be moved (the students' originating school).
    Note: The value here needs to match the school name exactly to ensure that grades display correctly on student transcripts.
  16. Click Modify Selected Records.

The records are now associated with the students' originating school. Repeat this process for each summer school.

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