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Storing Grades for Summer School

Upon the completion of the summer school term, use the Permanently Store Grades function to record the final grades as historical records

Direct Enrollment: Initiate Store Grades process from Summer School. The normal process for storing grades may be used, followed by the Transfer Stored Grades procedure described later in this section.

Remote Enrollment: Initiate Store Grades process from the student's active school with the following considerations:

  • The selected term context must match the same school year as the TermID of the summer school year so that the correct Final Grade/Reporting Terms are available.
  • Important: Under Exclude/Include Class Enrollments, select the option labeled Include only enrollment records that are currently active and that were active on this date:
    • Select a date that is toward the end of the summer school session and outside of normal school year dates, Otherwise previously stored grades for the home school may be stored again.
  • Select the Store grades for classes enrolled at: All Schools so that remote summer school enrollments are included.
  • Select the desired option for Record the school name of to indicate whether the home school or summer school name should be stored with the grades.
  • Under Classes by term length you may need to select Yes for Show all terms?.

Note: It is important that Classes by term length is showing terms with the same year ID as the summer school session. If you are unsure of the year ID for either the normal school or the summer school then you can check user Start Page > School > Years & Terms >

Edit Terms, then click the name of the year long term. The year ID used by the system is the unlabeled number at the bottom of the page.

Important: If the summer school session has the term ID for the next year and you need to store grades for the current year, you will need to change the Default term level on the District > Miscellaneous page to Next School Year. This setting can be returned to its normal setting after grades are stored.

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